Diffusion in Solids and Liquids, DSL-2006 I

Volumes 258-260

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/DDF.258-260

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Authors: S. David, Khellil Sefiane, Lounes Tadrist

Abstract: This paper presents the results of an experimental study of evaporating sessile drops in a controlled environment. The experimental setup...

Authors: S. David, Khellil Sefiane, Martin E.R. Shanahan

Abstract: The wetting and evaporation behaviour of methanol-water droplets deposited on a smooth silicon substrate were investigated experimentally....

Authors: Boris S. Bokstein, O.N. Petrova

Abstract: The data are presented for Ni selfdiffusion and Au heterodiffusion in nanocrystalline Ni. Volume diffusion coefficients are much greater...

Authors: Irina V. Belova, Graeme E. Murch

Abstract: In this paper, the authors review recent progress that has been made in understanding various aspects of grain boundary diffusion at the...

Authors: C.H. Yeh, L.S. Chang, Boris B. Straumal

Abstract: The grain boundary (GB) wetting was investigated in the Sn – 25 at.% In alloy. It was found that the portion of GBs wetted by the melt...

Authors: Vladimir V. Popov

Abstract: Possibilities of grain-boundary diffusion and segregation studies using nuclear gammaresonance spectroscopy (NGR) are considered. It is...

Authors: Peter Pichler, Alexander Burenkov, Wilfried Lerch, Jürgen Lorenz, Silke Paul, Jürgen Niess, Zsolt Nényei, Jeffrey C. Gelpey, Steve McCoy, Wolfgang Windl, Luis Felipe Giles

Abstract: The continuous scaling of electron devices places strong demands on device design and simulation. The currently prevailing bulk transistors...

Authors: José Pedro Rino, Paulo S. Branício, Denílson S. Borges

Abstract: An effective inter-atomic potential is proposed in order to describe structural and dynamical properties of II-VI and III-V semiconductors....

Authors: A. Claverie, C. Bonafos, G. Ben Assayag, S. Schamm, N. Cherkashin, V. Paillard, P. Dimitrakis, E. Kapetenakis, Dimitris Tsoukalas, T. Muller, Bernd Schmidt, K.H. Heinig, M. Perego, Marco Fanciulli, D. Mathiot, M. Carrada, P. Normand

Abstract: Nanocrystal memories are attractive candidate for the development of non volatile memory devices for deep submicron technologies. In a...

Authors: Guido Roma, Yves Limoge, Layla Martin-Samos

Abstract: Despite its importance as a material in many domains, SiO2 is still a very badly known material from the point of view of materials...


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