Diffusion in Solids and Liquids III

Volumes 273-276

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/DDF.273-276

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Authors: Luis Ochoterena, Fidel Reyes, Alberto Ingalls, Juliana Gutiérrez, Gabriel Plascencia

Abstract: This paper discusses the effect of the main parameters that affect the desulphurization reaction efficiency. The study was conducted by...

Authors: Victor H. Hernández, Fidel Reyes, Juliana Gutiérrez, Gabriel Plascencia, Fernando Martínez

Abstract: In this work a kinetic model which describes the main refining reactions in a ladle furnace is depicted. The main difference between this...

Authors: Gabriel Plascencia, David Jaramillo, Felipe Hernández, Jorge Luis González

Abstract: Hydrogen embrittlement is a common problem for the integrity of oil conducting pipes. In this work, we estimate the rate of hydrogen...

Authors: Vladimir V. Popov

Abstract: The results of NGR studies of grain boundaries in nanocrystalline metals are briefly reviewed and analyzed together with the data of...

Authors: E.N. Popova, Vladimir V. Popov, E.P. Romanov, S.V. Sudareva, E.A. Dergunova, A.E. Vorobyova, S.M. Balaev, A.K. Shikov

Abstract: Kinetics of formation of superconducting Nb3Sn layers and the structure of bronzeprocessed Nb/Cu-Sn composites with Zr, Zn or Mg-doped...

Authors: D.S. Leonov, Taras M. Radchenko, Valentin A. Tatarenko, Yu.A. Kunitsky

Abstract: Relaxation of diffuse-scattering intensities of various kinds of waves is a phenomenon of an especial interest since its study enables one...

Authors: Taras M. Radchenko, Valentin A. Tatarenko

Abstract: Using the static concentration waves’ method and self-consistent-field approximation, the Onsager-type kinetics equation is solved to...

Authors: I. Foroutan, Arash Rezaei, Ali Shokuhfar

Abstract: Surface alloying is a new method of surface treatment by which an element is diffused into the surface of another element causing the...

Authors: Arash Rezaei, Shahram Ahmadi, Ali Shokuhfar, I. Foroutan

Abstract: Aluminum-Lithium alloys were developed as major replacements for existing aluminum alloys to reduce the weight of aircraft and aerospace...

Authors: Rahim Naghizadeh, Hamid Reza Rezaie, F. Golestani Fard

Abstract: The formation of in-situ spinel in Al2O3-MgO-C refractories along with different antioxidants occurs at different atmospheres in surface...


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