Diffusion in Solids and Liquids III

Volumes 273-276

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/DDF.273-276

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Authors: Evgeny I. Gershman, Sergey N. Zhevnenko

Abstract: Grain boundary and surface tension for pure copper and copper-based alloys with Sb, Sn and In are measured by zero creep method. On the...

Authors: Hikmet Ş. Aybar, Mohsen Sharifpur

Abstract: Generation of vapor and predication of its behavior is an important problem in many industries. In this study, the three dimensional...

Authors: S.H. Mir Shah Ghassemi, Ali Shokuhfar, Mohammad Reza Vaezi

Abstract: The study of mechanical alloying on the Fe–Cu system, as a model system for those with positive heats of mixing, are investigated. In this...

Authors: Ali Shokuhfar, Javad Samei, A. Esmaielzadeh Kandjani, Mohammad Reza Vaezi

Abstract: Current researches show a growing interest in Zinc Oxide (ZnO) nanoparticles. ZnO is a semiconductor with a wide direct band gap of 3.37 eV...

Authors: A.B. Shubin, K. Y. Shunyaev

Abstract: The interaction between manganese(II) oxide and carbon in powder mixtures may give manganese carbides, condensed(c) and gaseous(g)...

Authors: Machiko Ode, N. Garimella, Muneaki Ikeda, Hideyuki Murakami, Yong Ho Sohn

Abstract: Average ternary interdiffusion coefficients in Ni3Al with Ir additions have been determined using solid-to-solid diffusion couples annealed...

Authors: C.H. Yeh, L.S. Chang, Boris B. Straumal

Abstract: In studying grain boundary segregation in Cu–Bi alloys by means of Auger electron spectroscopy samples must be broken in-situ....

Authors: C.H. Yeh, L.S. Chang, Boris B. Straumal

Abstract: The wetting behavior of grain boundaries is affected by temperature, pressure and misorientation of grain boundaries. However, the...

Authors: Lucia Suarez, Juergen Schneider, Yvan Houbaert

Abstract: An oxide scale layer always forms at the strip surface during the hot rolling process. As a consequence, de-scaling and pickling operations...

Authors: Lucia Suarez, Juergen Schneider, Yvan Houbaert

Abstract: Exposure of metals and alloys to high temperatures leads to the formation of oxide scales, with a large impact on surface quality. The most...


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