Diffusion in Solids and Liquids III

Volumes 273-276

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/DDF.273-276

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Authors: H. Abdoos, H. Khorsand, A.R. Shahani, M. Arjomandi

Abstract: Powder metallurgy is a new method for mass production of precision components with appropriate mechanical properties, but in this kind of...

Authors: G.A. Kozhina, A.N. Ermakov, V.B. Fetisov, A.V. Fetisov, Anatoly Yakovlevich Fishman, S.A. Petrova, Robert Grigorievich Zakharov, K. Y. Shunyaev, S.V. Rassokhin

Abstract: The electrochemical behavior of perovskite type LaMnO3 (LMO) oxides with different mean particle size was studied by voltammetry with the...

Authors: S.H. Kim, J.M. Kim, H.J. Lee, S.D. Son, J.H. Lee, Seong Moon Seo, Chang Yong Jo

Abstract: A single crystal superalloy including 6 wt.% Re, CMSX10 was studied by directional solidification at various thermal gradients, 13 ~...

Authors: Hong Yan Liu, Kee Sam Shin, Jung Hoon Yoo, Ji Ling Dong, Quoc Bao Huynh, Hui Yu, Chan Gyu Lee, Young Sang Na, Kyung Shik Cho, Jong Hoon Lee

Abstract: Zr62Cu17Ni13Al8 in the supercooled liquid state is expected to be micro-formable at a relatively low stress. We used X-ray diffraction...

Authors: Taishi Matsushita, Lindsay Chapman, Rob Brooks, Ivan Egry, Seshadri Seetharaman

Abstract: The thermal diffusivities of some industrially important alloys have been measured as a part of the EU funded Intermetallic Materials...

Authors: Giovanni Mazzolai

Abstract: The diffusion of H and the thermal decomposition of hydrides have been investigated at high temperatures in two PdCe alloys of composition...

Authors: B.T. Min, S.W. Hong, J.H. Kim, I.K. Park, H.D. Kim

Abstract: For the study of a steam explosion phenomenon in a nuclear reactor, prototypic corium, a mixture of UO2 and ZrO2 was melted in a cold...

Authors: Gennady Mishuris, Wiktoria Miszuris, Andreas Öchsner

Abstract: Imperfect transmission conditions modelling a thin reactive intermediate layer be- tween two bonded materials in a dissimilar strip are...

Authors: Andreas Öchsner, Wiktoria Miszuris

Abstract: Imperfect transmission conditions modelling a thin reactive 2D intermediate layer between two bonded materials in a dissimilar strip have...

Authors: Amèni Mokni, Jamel Kechiche, Hatem Mhiri, Georges Le Palec, Philippe Bournot

Abstract: In this paper, we present a numerical investigation of a laminar isothermal plane two dimensional wall jets. Special attention has been...


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