Diffusion in Solids and Liquids V

Volumes 297-301

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/DDF.297-301

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Authors: H. Kaffash, Ali Shokuhfar, Hamid Reza Rezaie, Ehsan Mostaed, Ali Mostaed

Abstract: Fabrication of alloys in the solid state via mechanical alloying (MA) process has been studied by earlier researchers. The effects of...

Authors: Boris S. Bokstein

Abstract: Evidence for solid-state diffusion (the second half of the 19th century). The first measurements of solid state diffusion (W....

Authors: Ivan Campos-Silva, M. Ortíz-Domínguez, José Martínez-Trinidad, N. López-Perrusquia, E. Hernández-Sánchez, Giselle Ramírez-Sandoval, Ramon Escobar-Galindo

Abstract: Some physicochemical and mechanical properties of surface hard coatings obtained by the paste-boriding process are summarized in this work....

Authors: A.N. Dmitriev, Yu.A. Chesnokov, G.Yu. Arzhadeeva

Abstract: A mathematical model for the forecasting of the basic metallurgical properties of coke depending on the quality indicators of coals and...

Authors: A.N. Dmitriev, V.P. Perepechaev, Yu.A. Chesnokov

Abstract: For the agglomerates of the Kachkanar deposit iron ore the role of elements with ionic radius larger than for magnesium and calcium in the...

Authors: Anatoly Yakovlevich Fishman, Tatiana Eugenievna Kurennykh, Vladimir Borisovich Vykhodets, V.B. Vykhodets

Abstract: Isotope exchange of oxygen 18О2 with the boundary of nanograins of oxide LaMnO3+ obtained by the method of shock-wave loading was...

Authors: Anatoly Yakovlevich Fishman, M.A. Ivanov, S.A. Petrova, Robert Grigorievich Zakharov

Abstract: An investigation has been undertaken of the structural characteristics of the manganese oxides to understand these characteristics affected...

Authors: Vladimir V. Popov, A.V. Stolbovkiy, E.N. Popova, V.P. Pilyugin

Abstract: Evolution of structure of high-purity and commercially pure copper at severe plastic deformation (SPD) by high pressure torsion (HPT) at...

Authors: N. Garimella, H.J. Choi, Yong Ho Sohn

Abstract: Diffusion in L12-Ni3Al with ternary alloying additions of Ir, Ta and Re was investigated at 1200°C using solid-to-solid diffusion couples,...

Authors: N. Garimella, H.J. Choi, Yong Ho Sohn

Abstract: We developed a method of rigorous solution of the Onsager’s flow equations using moments of the interdiffusion-parameter integrands for the...


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