Diffusion in Solids and Liquids V

Volumes 297-301

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/DDF.297-301

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Authors: J.K. Bal, S. Hazra

Abstract: Evolution of interdiffused Gaussian-shape nanolayer of Au-Si, formed due to diffusion of Au into Si(111) substrate at ambient conditions,...

Authors: Hyun Ju Kim, Hoy Yul Park, Min Cheol Chu, Dong Sik Bae

Abstract: Gd2O3 doped CeO2 nanopowders were prepared under high temperature and pressure conditions by precipitation from metal nitrates with aqueous...

Authors: Ho Saeng Lee, S.T. Oh, Jung In Yoon, S.G. Lee, K.H. Choi

Abstract: This paper presents the comparison of performance characteristics for the several natural gas liquefaction cycles. The liquefaction cycle...

Authors: G. Boussinot, Efim A. Brener, D.E. Temkin

Abstract: We present phase-field simulations of isothermal phase transformations in the peritectic system below and above the peritectic temperature...

Authors: R. Sh. Razavi, G.R. Gordani, M. Salehi, Hau Chung Man

Abstract: Laser gas nitriding of Ti-6Al-4V alloy was carried out using a Nd:YAG pulsed laser under pure nitrogen environment at a flow rate of 30...

Authors: M. Asadi, M. Attarchi, M. Vahidifar, A. Jafari

Abstract: This work investigates the characteristics of oxide films formed on Ti and the Ti alloy through a plasma electrolyte oxidation (PEO) process...

Authors: Martin Tršo, Michal Benák, Milan Turňa, Peter Nesvadba

Abstract: As is well known, the explosion welding is considered for a specific type of cold pressure welding. Welded joints fabricated by this...

Authors: Michal Benák, Milan Turňa, Peter Palček, Peter Nesvadba

Abstract: The aim of the present work was to solve the technology for welding Mg alloy type AZ 63 with aluminium and to assess the quality of the...

Authors: F. Fazlalipour, M. Niki Nushari, N. Shakib, Ali Shokuhfar

Abstract: Hard coatings show various tribological behaviors against different contact materials (counter-faces) during dry sliding depended on their...

Authors: R. Kempers, A.J. Robinson, A. Lyons

Abstract: A novel Metal Micro-Textured Thermal Interface Material (MMT-TIM) has been developed to address a number of shortcomings in conventional...


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