Diffusion in Solids and Liquids V

Volumes 297-301

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/DDF.297-301

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Authors: Bartłomiej Wierzba, Olivier Politano, Sébastien Chevalier, Marek Danielewski

Abstract: The intrinsic diffusion coefficients in diffusion aluminide coatings based on Fe-30Cr were determined at 1000oC. The diffusion fluxes were...

Authors: Aurelien Perron, Sébastien Garruchet, Olivier Politano, G. Aral, Vincent Vignal

Abstract: We investigated the oxidation of nanocrystalline aluminum surfaces by using variable charge molecular dynamics at 600 K under three oxygen...

Authors: Jean Michel Hugo, Emmanuel Brun, Frédéric Topin, Jérôme Vicente

Abstract: This numerical study focuses on the determination of macroscopic (effective) properties from pore scale calculation. These results will be...

Authors: Philippe Garcia, Mathieu Fraczkiewicz, C. Davoisne, G. Carlot, B. Pasquet, G. Baldinozzi, D. Siméone, C. Petot

Abstract: In this paper, we describe two experimental set-ups which enable the measurement of electrical properties and intrinsic diffusion...

Authors: Ana Sofia Ramos, M. Teresa Vieira, Sonia Simões, Filomena Viana, Manuel F. Vieira

Abstract: The aim of this work is to join -TiAl intermetallics to Ni based superalloys by solid state diffusion bonding. The surface of the -TiAl...

Authors: Ivan Blum, Alain Portavoce, Dominique Mangelinck, Jean Bernardini, Khalid Hoummada, Rachid Daineche, János L. Lábár, Véronique Carron

Abstract: A method is presented to measure lattice and grain boundary diffusion coefficients using secondary ion mass spectroscopy and 2-dimensional...

Authors: S. Ebrahimi-Nejad, Ali Shokuhfar, A. Zare-Shahabadi

Abstract: Boron Nitride nanotubes (BNNTs) together with carbon nanotubes (CNTs) have attracted the wide attention of the scientific community and have...

Authors: Marcelo Antunes, Vera Realinho, Antonio B. Martínez, E. Solórzano, Miguel A. Rodríguez-Pérez, Jose Ignacio Velasco

Abstract: The thermal conductivity of unfilled polypropylene foams produced using different foaming processes has previously been demonstrated to be...

Authors: Marcelo Antunes, Vera Realinho, E. Solórzano, Miguel A. Rodríguez-Pérez, Jose A. de Saja, Jose Ignacio Velasco

Abstract: Carbon nanofibre-reinforced polypropylene nanocomposites containing from 5 to 20 wt.% of carbon nanofibres and a chemical blowing agent were...

Authors: Faina Muktepavela, R. Zabels

Abstract: Mechanical properties, microstructure of the Sn–38wt. %Pb eutectic and the development of deformation - induced diffusion processes on...


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