Diffusion in Solids and Liquids V

Volumes 297-301

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/DDF.297-301

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Authors: Sebastien Kouassi, Gael Gautier, Sebastien Desplobain, Loic Coudron, Laurent Ventura

Abstract: MEMS technology requires low cost techniques to permit large scale fabrication for production. Porous silicon (PS) can be used in different...

Authors: Elena Campagnoli, Paolo Matteis, Giovanni M.M. Mortarino, Giorgio Scavino

Abstract: The low carbon steels, used for the production of car bodies by deep drawing, are gradually substituted by high strength steels for vehicle...

Authors: Jelica Novakovic, M. Delagrammatikas, P. Vassiliou, C.T. Dervos

Abstract: The study of composite electroless Ni-P coatings is pursued in order to obtain coatings on a metal substrate with advanced properties i.e....

Authors: C.W. Ahn, M.G. Ha, K.S. Hong, D.J. Lee, Chil Hoon Doh, K.Y. Doh, J.M. Na, B.H. Song, H.M. Jeon, Y.G. Cho, H.S. Yang, E.D. Jeong

Abstract: The surface conditions of LiFePO4 powder were modified by adding AlF3 and Al2O3 by using the sol-gel process to improve its electrochemical...

Authors: T.G. Argyropoulos, Jelica Novakovic, M.D. Athanassopoulou, P. Vassiliou, J.A. Mergos, C.T. Dervos

Abstract: Electrolytical deposition of CdSe on Ti substrates from CdSO4 - SeO2 solutions is investigated. The effect of the bath temperature was...

Authors: M.D. Athanassopoulou, T.G. Argyropoulos, G.T. Paparoupas, J.A. Mergos, C.T. Dervos

Abstract: The utilization of Al2O3 and Li2O as dopants that promote the anatase-to-rutile (A-R) phase transition in TiO2 nanoparticles during...

Authors: Inès Bhouri Baouab, Nejla Mahjoub Said, Hatem Mhiri, Georges Le Palec, Philippe Bournot

Abstract: The present work consists in a numerical examination of the dispersion of pollutants discharged from a bent chimney and crossing twin...

Authors: C. Kollia, I. Deligkiozi, M.M. Dardavila

Abstract: The electrolytic codeposition has drawn interest as an alternative method for the preparation of metal matrix composite electrocoatings with...

Authors: Amina Radhouane, Nejla Mahjoub Said, Hatem Mhiri, Georges Le Palec, Philippe Bournot

Abstract: This paper deals with the interaction of twin elliptic jets with a cooler oncoming crossflow. The jet nozzles are placed tandem with the...

Authors: Isa Metin Ozkara, Murat Baydogan

Abstract: The micro arc oxidation process (MAO) was applied to a 2024 ingot aluminium alloy by an AC MAO equipment using an alkali based electrolyte....


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