Diffusion in Solids and Liquids VI

Volumes 312-315

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/DDF.312-315

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Authors: Marcio Ritoni, M. Martins, F. C. Nascimento, Paulo Roberto Mei

Abstract: The superaustenitic stainless steel ASTM A 744 Gr. CN3MN (22Cr-25Ni-7Mo-0.2N) has as mainly characteristic high corrosion resistance in...

Authors: S. Korichi, Mourad Keddam, A. Bensmaili

Abstract: Diffusion of Uranium in compacted clay was studied through the non-steady state diffusion method for the safety assessment of the...

Authors: Mourad Keddam, R. Kouba, Redoune Chegroune, B. Bouarour

Abstract: The 32CrMoV13 low alloy steel was gas nitrided at 550°C, for three time durations (6.5, 13 and 20 h) and under a variable nitriding...

Authors: Zainovia Lockman, Syahriza Ismail, Go Kawamura, Atsunori Matsuda

Abstract: The formation of self-aligned titania and zirconia nanotubes is achieved by the anodisation of Ti and Zr in a fluorine contained...

Authors: Vyacheslav Palchik

Abstract: In this paper, length of grain-to-grain contact, number of contacts per grain and ratios between the length of contacts and geometric...

Authors: Rocío Maceiras, Xosé R. Nóvoa, Angeles Cancela, Estrella Álvarez

Abstract: The mass transfer coefficients at different axial positions in a bubble column have been measured using a conductivity method. Measurements...

Authors: Rocío Maceiras, S. Urrejola, Angeles Cancela, A. Sanchez, J. Díaz

Abstract: Using a simulation program, an absorption process has been simulated of an air stream contaminated with acetone using water as absorbent and...

Authors: Zuraida Khusaimi, Mohamad Hafiz Mamat, Mohd Zainizan Sahdan, Norbani Abdullah, Mohamad Rusop

Abstract: A wet chemical approach, originating from sol-gel preparation, was adopted with the intention to develop a low-temperature benign method of...

Authors: Zuraida Khusaimi, Mohamad Hafiz Mamat, Mohd Zainizan Sahdan, Norbani Abdullah, Mohamad Rusop

Abstract: We report an optimisation of reaction conditions leading to successful growth of aligned ZnO nanorods by a simple aqueous immersion method....

Authors: N. Saeidi, A. Ekrami

Abstract: To improve the strength and toughness of AISI 4340 steel, different microstructures, containing full bainite, bainite-ferrite,...


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