Diffusion in Materials - DIMAT 2011

Volumes 323-325

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/DDF.323-325

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Authors: Guido Schmitz, Dietmar Baither, Zoltán Balogh, Mohammed Reda Chellali, Gerd Hendrik Greiwe, Michael Kasprzak, Christian Oberdorfer, Ralf Schlesiger, Patrick Stender

Abstract: Nanoscale systems show a wide variety of physical properties that cannot be observed in the bulk. Using atom probe tomography, it is...

Authors: Guido Roma, Fabien Bruneval, Li Ao Ting, Olga Natalia Bedoya Martínez, Jean Paul Crocombette

Abstract: We present here an overview of native point defects calculations in silicon carbide using Density Functional Theory, focusing on defects...

Authors: Michael Schütze

Abstract: The paper reviews the advantages of diffusion coating and the parameters deciding an optimum coating performance. Furthermore, innovative...

Authors: Boris S. Bokstein

Abstract: A short review of the most important reliable, as well as doubtful, in authors opinion points in a wide field of grain boundary diffusion,...

Authors: Marek Danielewski

Abstract: A general, consistent with linear irreversible thermodynamics, theory of stress and elastic deformation during interdiffusion is shown....

Authors: Leonid M. Klinger, Eugen Rabkin

Abstract: We consider the kinetics of chemical interdiffusion along the grain boundaries in stressed thin metal film attached to inert substrate. We...

Authors: Andriy Gusak, Guido Schmitz, Nadiya Storozhuk

Abstract: The problem of phase competition during reactive diffusion is revisited. Nucleation of an intermediate phase at an interface under external...

Authors: Raynald Gauvin, Nicolas Brodusch, Pierre Michaud

Abstract: This paper present the determination of concentration profiles of an Mg Al diffusion couple that was obtained with a high resolution field...

Authors: Johanna Rahn, E. Hüger, E. Dörrer, B. Ruprecht, P. Heitjans, H. Schmidt

Abstract: We investigated lithium self-diffusion in amorphous and single crystalline lithium niobate at low temperatures of 323, 423 and 623 K. The...


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