On the Convergence of Bio-, Information-, Enrivonmental-, Energy-, Space- and Nano-Technolgies

Volumes 277-279

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.277-279

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Authors: Jae Hee Kim, Ji Won Lim

Abstract: Multivariate analysis was conducted to analyze the relationship between air pollutants and meteorological variables measured in Seoul from...

Authors: Jae Hee Kim, Jungmin Hong

Abstract: This study focuses on ozone modeling using meteorological and air monitoring variables. Twenty seven (27) places in Seoul were measured for...

Authors: Ji Min Yi, Jin Soo Lee, Hyo Taek Chon

Abstract: This study was made to investigate the extent and degree of As contamination in waters and sediments influenced by previous mining activity...

Authors: Eun Sun Yoo, In Mo Yoon

Abstract: This study was conducted to test the performance of various combinations of coagulants for effective wastewater treatment of the tire...

Authors: Ji Sung Lim, Jae Woong Hwang, Cha Yong Choi, Bong Hwan Kim, Sung Hoon Park

Abstract: A new type of biofilter, the rotating drum biotrickling filter (RDBF) system, was developed and operated to remove styrene from waste gas...

Authors: Soo Young Park, Jin Seog Kim

Abstract: The carbon isotope ratios in foxtail seeds, which grow well anywhere such as a residential street, roadside, empty lot, field etc., were...

Authors: Oh Hyun Kyung, Yeonsook Choung

Abstract: The response of Quercus mongolica, one of the major tree species in Northeast Asia and the most dominant deciduous tree in Korea, was...

Authors: Young Soo Han, Yun Hwa Kim, Yeon Sook Yun, Soo Jin Jeon, Ki Sung Kim, Sung Hee Hong, Chang Soe Park, Jie Young Song

Abstract: Ceramides are well-known second messengers which mediate apoptosis, proliferation, differentiation in mammalian cells, but the physiological...

Authors: Jin Soo Lee, Hyo Taek Chon, Myung Chae Jung

Abstract: In order to investigate the levels of heavy metal contamination and to assess the risk of the adverse health effects on human exposure to...

Authors: Sang Eun Jeon, Sang Won Lee, Kyung Sik Choi, Jae Cheon You, Dong Ho Moon, Chang Jae Lee, Yong Youl Hwang, Tae Woong Hwang, Chang Han Joo

Abstract: The level of polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and polychlorinated dibenzofurans (PCDD/Fs) concentration in blood of 4 chemists conducting...


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