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Authors: Yeong Hee Ahn, Young Jin Song, Hyo Seob Kim, You Jin Lee, Sung Hoon Park
Abstract:Anaerobically digested sludge was seeded in a mesophilic UASB reactor and the sludge was monitored for seven months to better understand the...
Authors: Jin Hwa Park, Yong Woo Yl
Abstract:Toxicity screening tests using the Reserve Electron Transfer (RET) and Electron Transfer (ETr) assays were performed with five wastewater...
Authors: Mi Sook Hwang, Jin Koo Kim, Doo Saing Sim, Yoon Sik Oh, Han Gu Choi
Abstract:Growth and reproduction of Porphyra kuniedae from the southern coast of Korea were investigated. Biomass, plant size and occurrence of...
Authors: Sang Min Park, Soon Hwa Jung, Soung Hee Park, Sang Done Kim
Abstract:Silicon oxide deposition on fine alumina powders by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) at atmospheric pressure was carried out...
Authors: Jaeock Yoon
Abstract:In small buildings and residences in Korea, unvented or improperly vented combustion appliances are used to heat rooms. These heaters are...
Authors: Jin Sook Kang, Eui Young Cha, Tae Soo Chon
Abstract:Recently, patterning and analyzing complex data of behaviors of animals in response to external stimuli such as toxic chemicals has become...
Abstract:Ammonia generated from decomposition of a large amount of garbage, causes a serious environmental pollution. And also, carbon monoxide is...
Authors: Hye Ryoung Kim, Chi Kyung Kim, Tae Seok Ahn, Soon Ae Yoo, Dong Hun Lee
Authors: Yoo Kyung Lee, Kae Kyoung Kwon, Kyeung Hee Cho, Jae Hyun Park, Hong Kum Lee
Abstract:In the marine environment, biofilms cover most of the subtidal and intertidal solid surfaces. Culturable bacteria forming marine biofilms...
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