On the Convergence of Bio-, Information-, Enrivonmental-, Energy-, Space- and Nano-Technolgies

Volumes 277-279

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.277-279

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Authors: Kyungm Ja Ha, Kyung Eak Kim, Yu Kyung Hyun, Eun Hee Jeon, Larry Mahrt

Abstract: The evaluation of similarity theory, z-less formulation of turbulence, and validation for various stable conditions is addressed with the...

Authors: Hee Sook Park Kim, S.B. Cho, Bon Soon Koo, Jong Myong Kim, Hae Won Cheong, Eul Jae Yoon, Byung Tae Ryu, Sang Jin Lee, Byung Ju Lim, Young Ok Ko

Abstract: We have tried to develop a lithium/thionyl chloride reserve battery (560W). A cell consists of 5 double-sided cathodes and anodes (toroidal...

Authors: S. Bakhtyar, S.S. Raza, M. Tayyab, S. Pervez, A. Salahuddin

Abstract: This paper presents a study related to the assessment of the radiological impact on the environment due to the operation of the Pakistan...

Authors: Seon Ah Roh, Sung Real Son, Sang Done Kim, Woon Jae Lee, Yong Kuk Lee

Abstract: Pyrolysis kinetics of a pine nut shell in a thermo gravimetric analyzer (TGA) and the combustion and steam gasification kinetics of a pine...

Authors: Eun Hee Lee, Kyung Mo Kim, Uh Chul Kim

Abstract: The stress corrosion cracking (SCC) susceptibility of Alloy 600 MA has been studied in deaerated 0.01 M sodium sulfate (Na2SO4) and sodium...

Authors: Eun Hee Lee, Kyung Mo Kim, Hong Po Kim, Uh Chul Kim, Jang Ho Bae, Chang Wan Won
Authors: Yeong Keong Ha, Jong Goo Kim, Yeong Jae Park, Won Ho Kim

Abstract: The effect of a tetravalent dopant, Th4+, on the oxidation of UO2 was investigated using a thermogravimetry and X-ray diffraction analysis....

Authors: Jie Young Song, Soo Jeong Son, Ji Young Shim, Ji Yeon Ahn, Hyung Doo Kim, Young Soo Han, Hyeog Jin Son, Sung Hee Hong, Yeon Sook Yun

Abstract: An immunomodulator ginsan, polysaccharide isolated from Panax ginseng, showed a mitogenic activity, generation of LAK cells, and the...

Authors: Young Eal Lee

Abstract: The development of electricity technology from the environmental aspect has become the key factor for competitiveness, i.e., environmental...

Authors: Young Eal Lee

Abstract: The proper allocation of the limited R&D resources under the restructuring of the electric industry is a primary motivator for this...


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