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Authors: Patricia Valério, C.C.P. Mendes, Marivalda Pereira, Alfredo Goes, M. Fatima Leite
Abstract:Osteoblasts constitutively release glutamate and this release appears to be regulated by calcium entry. In this work we investigated if the...
Authors: Hala Zreiqat, R. Roest, Stella Valenzuela, Adriyan Milev, Besim Ben-Nissan
Abstract:Poor cell adhesion to orthopaedic and dental implants results in implant failure. Establishing and maintaining mature bone at the...
Authors: Ioan Notingher, G. Jell, P.L. Notingher, I. Bisson, Julia M. Polak, Larry L. Hench
Abstract:The Classical Least Square (CLS) fitting method was used to analyze the Raman spectra of living cells with the aim of identification of new...
Authors: Minna Vaahtio, Timo Peltola, Teuvo Hentunen, Heimo O. Ylänen, Sami Areva, Jukka I. Salonen
Abstract:Different silica and carbonate containing calcium phosphate (CaP) layers were prepared on bioactive glass S53P4 in conventional C-SBF and...
Authors: Xiao Yan Lin, Hong Song Fan, Xu Dong Li, Min Tang, Xing Dong Zhang
Authors: S. Bandyopadhyay-Ghosh, Ian M. Reaney, K. Hurrell-Gillingham, I.M. Brook, P.V. Hatton
Authors: A.P.M. Schainberg, Lutfiye Sevgi Özyeğin, P. Kursuoğlu, Patricia Valério, Alfredo Goes, M. Fatima Leite
Abstract:The biocompatibility of Zeolite was evaluated, in vitro, compared to a control and to three different biomaterials: hydroxyapatite from...
Authors: A.G. Dias, M.A. Lopes, José D. Santos, Maria Helena F.V. Fernandes
Abstract:Based upon the CaO-P2O5 glass system, two glass ceramics were prepared in the meta-, pyro- and orthophosphate regions. The present work...
Authors: Daniel Adams, Regina D. Smith, Gerald F. Malgas, S.P. Massia, T.L. Alford, J.W. Mayer
Abstract:Good quality crystalline sol-derived Hydroxyapatite (HA) thin films of thickness ~350 nm on titanium substrates with underlying...
Authors: Takao Saito, Hikoshiro Hayashi, K. Uoe, Takashi Kizuki, Kay Teraoka, Katsuya Kato, Yoshiyuki Yokogawa
Abstract:Our experiments of mouse osteoblast-like MC3T3-E1 cells cultured on a glass substrate showed that as surface roughness of a substrate...
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