Bioceramics 17

Volumes 284-286

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Kazuhide Miyazaki, Takafumi Yoshikawa, Jin Iida, Y. Ueda, M. Koizumi, Yoshinori Takakura

Abstract: Marrow mesenchymal cells contain stem cells and can regenerate tissue. We previously reported the clinical application of autologous...

Authors: Noriko Kotobuki, Koji Ioku, Daisuke Kawagoe, Daishiro Nomura, Hirotaka Fujimori, Seishi Goto, Hajime Ohgushi

Abstract: We have cultured mesenchymal cells (MSC) on various types of ceramic disks and used these tissue-engineered ceramics for hard tissue...

Authors: Noriko Okumura, Takafumi Yoshikawa, Jin Iida, Akitaka Nonomura, Yoshinori Takakura

Abstract: The effect of genistein, a soybean isoflavone, on new bone formation by bone marrow cells from mature humans was examined. After informed...

Authors: Patricia Valério, Simeon Agathopoulos, A.J. Calado, M. Fatima Leite, Alfredo Goes

Abstract: Samples of zirconia and a bioinert SiO2-containing glass with different surface roughness were immersed into human whole blood for different...

Authors: A.L. Andrade, Patricia Valério, Alfredo Goes, M. Fatima Leite, Rosana Z. Domingues

Abstract: In the current work, we investigated cellular viability, proliferation, and metabolic activity of rat primary culture osteoblasts in...

Authors: J. Kim, J.K. Ryu, Min Chul Kim, Yeon Ung Kim, Seong Ho Choi, Chong Kwan Kim, Kyoung Nam Kim, Kwang Mahn Kim, Racquel Z. LeGeros, Yong Keun Lee

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the cell affinity of calcium phosphate glass scaffold in the system of CaO-CaF2-P2O5-MgO-ZnO,...

Authors: Kay Teraoka, Takao Saito, Yoshiyuki Yokogawa

Abstract: This paper demonstrated a simple technique to seed the hydroxyapatite (HA) ceramic with 2-D cultured cells to establish an advanced mode of...

Authors: C.C. Barrias, C.C. Ribeiro, Daniel Rodrigues, M.C. Sá Miranda, Mario A. Barbosa

Abstract: In this study, the addition of calcium phosphate powders to an alginate matrix was evaluated as a strategy to modulate enzyme...

Authors: Min Wang, C.L. Au, P.K. Lai, William Bonfield

Abstract: For the purpose of mimicking the structure and matching mechanical properties of human cortical bone, a natural composite material,...

Authors: Yu Zhang, Brian R. Lawn

Abstract: A study is made of fracture from cyclic loading of WC spheres on the surfaces of brittle layers on compliant substrates, as representative...


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