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Authors: H.J. Liu, Y.M. Li, Yuan Hao, X.P. Dong, N.Y. Huang
Authors: H.J. Liu, Y.M. Li, Yuan Hao, N.Y. Huang, Yu Sheng Shi
Abstract:Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) has many advantages such as fast building speed, wide range of materials, complicate shape of prototype and...
Authors: Zhi Yu Zhao, Jian Cheng Fang, H. Wang, H.Y. Li
Abstract:In order to improve the lifespan and performance of the forming mould with low melting point, arc spray forming of stainless steel mould has...
Authors: Jian Cheng Fang, Wen Ji Xu, Zhi Yu Zhao, L. Wang
Abstract:There is the advantage of continuity in organic structure and mechanical property for functionally gradient materials (FGMs), but it is...
Authors: Wen Ji Xu, Jian Cheng Fang, F. Liu, Xu Yue Wang, Zhi Yu Zhao
Abstract:Flexible forming using plasma arc (FFUPA) is a newly developed method of sheet metal forming. It makes the forming by means of thermal stress...
Authors: D.Y. Zhao, Min Jie Wang, M.C. Song
Abstract:Plastic profiles produced by extrusion die are cooled down and calibrated by calibrators, so it is an important basis to solve design...
Authors: Min Jie Wang, Y.J. Cai, W.G. Yan
Abstract:Sculptured surface machining is a critical process commonly used in die and mold industries. Since there is a lack of scientific tools in...
Authors: Yan Wang, Xun Chen, Nabil Gindy
Abstract:Finite element (FE) analysis is very useful in the early stage of a fixture development in order to reduce or eliminate design problems....
Authors: A.A. Alexandrov, V.V. Evstifeev
Abstract:Graph-analytic modification of the known method of upper estimation is presented here. This method gives possibility to get easily and...
Authors: Y. Antonov
Abstract:Features of application of laser trimming for normalization of accuracy of resistance of resistive elements (REs) of hybrid integrated...
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