Advances in Abrasive Technology VIII

Volumes 291-292

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hon Jong Choi, E.G. Kang, Seok Woo Lee, W.P. Hong

Abstract: This paper carried out some experimentation and verification of the chemical vapor deposition induced ion beam and sputtering using the...

Authors: T. Nagano, Mutsumi Touge, Junji Watanabe

Abstract: Recently, the research of the gene using the transgenic mouse has been performed for the development of new medicines. However, 600,000...

Authors: Ren Ke Kang, Y.X. Zhang, Dong Ming Guo, Zhu Ji Jin

Abstract: Wafer rotation grinding, as an important processing technology, is widely used in manufacturing and back thinning of the silicon wafer....

Authors: Toshiyuki Obikawa, Y. Kamata

Abstract: MQL (Minimum Quantity Lubrication) technology was applied to finish-turning of a nickel base superalloy, Inconel 718, with a PVD coated...

Authors: Zhe Qin, Cheng Yong Wang, Ying Ning Hu, Y.S. Lin

Abstract: High speed milling is widely employed in die and mold machining, and the attentions had been gradually paid on the details during the...

Authors: Chun Xiang Ma, Eiji Shamoto, T. Moriwaki

Abstract: The drilling assisted by ultrasonic elliptical vibration (UEV) is proposed in present paper. The drilling system assisted by UEV was...

Authors: C.S. Liu, Bo Zhao, G.F. Gao, X.H. Zhang

Abstract: Metal matrix composites(MMCs)is applied widely in recent years because of its excellent performances, but the machining is very difficult...

Authors: Jun Wang, S. Xu

Abstract: The cutting performance in abrasive waterjet (AWJ) multipass cutting with and without controlled nozzle oscillation is presented based on an...

Authors: Jun Wang, H. Liu

Abstract: Predictive models for the particle velocity in an abrasive waterjet (AWJ) are developed following a CFD (computational fluid dynamics)...

Authors: Shigeru Aoki, Seiji Hirai, Tadashi Nishimura

Abstract: Composite materials are used for many structures because of its high strong-to-weight ratio and easy formation. Secondary machining...


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