Advances in Abrasive Technology VIII

Volumes 291-292

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: V.A. Litvinenko

Abstract: The stable industrial trends towards improvement of product accuracy and quality call for necessity to widen the nomenclature of details...

Authors: Anatoly P. Babichev

Abstract: The results of the research of the interaction of the abrasive granule with processed surface at vibroabrasive processing are presented....

Authors: Anatoly P. Babichev

Abstract: The examination of deburring and surface finishing (DSF) quality was held at the enterprises of Russia. Here are the results of the...

Authors: M.A. Tamarkin

Abstract: The purpose of the research is the development of theoretical foundation of processing of details by free abrasives, the increase of...

Authors: Yu Hou Wu, Song Hua Li, Ke Zhang

Abstract: In resent years, ceramic balls have been applied into precision bearings and other parts far and wide because of its advantages in light...

Authors: Wen Jun Zong, Dan Li, H.X. Wang, T. Sun, K. Cheng, Ming Jun Chen

Abstract: In order to avoid the stochastic damage of micro cleavage on cutting edge, a brittle-ductile transition lapping mechanism is proposed for...

Authors: Yong Bo Wu, Kunio Shimada, Y.C. Wong, M. Kato

Abstract: This paper describes an experimental investigation of the effects of the particle blend ratio on surface quality in surface polishing using...

Authors: Y. Chiwaya, Takeshi Tanaka

Abstract: When a light-excitation substance such as a high polymer absorbs the light energy of an ultraviolet ray, it will be excited. If this...

Authors: H. Suzuki, R. Kawamori, M. Miyabara, T. Okino, Yasuto Hijikata, Y. Yamamoto, K. Nakamoto, T. Moriwaki, H. Shibutani

Abstract: Micro axis-symmetric aspherical glass lenses are being increasingly used in digital devices and optical devices. The glass lenses are molded...

Authors: Kenichiro Yoshitomi, Atsunobu Une, Masaaki Mochida

Abstract: The miniaturization of semiconductor devices is advancing rapidly. The requirement for wafer flatness is becoming increasingly stringent as...


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