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Authors: D.J. Stephenson
Abstract:The current application of fluids in grinding processes is discussed, the issues related to the use of both mineral oil and water based...
Authors: Andrey A. Toropov, S.L. Ko, Byoung Kee Kim
Abstract:The paper represents an experimental study of the burr formation mechanism in feed direction. The influence of tool angles and workpiece...
Authors: Jung Il Park, S.L. Ko, Y.H. Hanh, Yuri M. Baron
Abstract:Micro burrs formed in micro parts are not subject to be removed by the conventional deburring method for marco parts. Magnetic abrasive...
Authors: Kazushi Minaki, Koichi Kitajima, K. Minaki, Moriyasu Izawa, Katsuji Tosha
Abstract:Recently, wet blasting is generally used such as liquid honing and water jet machining in surface before plating of stainless steel. The...
Authors: Ken Ichi Ishikawa, Hitoshi Suwabe, Y. Tutae
Authors: Jian Cheng Fang, Wen Ji Xu, Zhi Yu Zhao, H.Y. Li
Abstract:In order to find a solution to the problem of inefficiency in magnetic abrasive finishing (MAF), electrochemical finishing (ECF) has been...
Authors: Yan Hua Zou, Takeo Shinmura
Abstract:This paper examines a new magnetic field assisted machining process using a magnetic machining jig. By using this process, a high efficiency...
Authors: T. Saito, K. Koike, H. Yamato, A. Kuwana, A. Suzuki, H. Yamaguchi, Takeo Shinmura
Abstract:The deficiency in the variety of available magnetic abrasive results in a narrow range of finishing performance. To break through this...
Authors: Yuri M. Baron, S.L. Ko, Jung Il Park
Abstract:This paper analyzes the effectiveness of using Magnetic Abrasive Finishing (MAF) to remove burrs on drilled holes located on planes. Basic...
Authors: Yuri M. Baron, S.L. Ko, Jung Il Park
Abstract:In this paper, the new technique involving comparison and optimization of conditions for Magnetic Abrasive Finishing (MAF) is suggested,...
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