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Authors: Kiyoshi Suzuki, Shinichi Ninomiya, Manabu Iwai, Y. Tanaka, Yoshihiko Murakami, Sadao Sano, Katsutoshi Tanaka, Tetsutaro Uematsu
Abstract:Electro-discharge grinding (hereafter called ED-grinding) was carried out with a trial manufactured metal bond diamond wheel containing...
Authors: M. Ota, T. Nakayama, K. Takashima, H. Watanabe
Abstract:There are strong demands for a machining process capable of reducing the surface roughness of sliding parts, such as auto parts and other...
Authors: Y. Dai, Hitoshi Ohmori, Wei Min Lin, H. Eto, N. Ebizuka
Abstract:Lightweight mirrors of SiC (Silicon Carbide) are currently used for numerous space telescopes. The most favorable characteristics of the...
Authors: Yong Hong Zhang, Hui Qiang Tang, De Jin Hu
Abstract:A CCD on-line image measurement system for curve grinding was schemed out according to the working process. Real-time images of work piece...
Authors: Xipeng Xu, Q.L. Han, Yuan Li
Abstract:In this present work, an experimental study was carried out to investigate the wear of metal-bonded diamond tools (specimens) in five...
Authors: Xun Chen, Q.S. Liu, Nabil Gindy
Abstract:Grinding burn is a common phenomenon of thermal damage that has been one of the main constraints in grinding in respect of high efficiency...
Authors: Toshiyuki Obikawa, J. Shinozuka
Abstract:Grinding temperature was analyzed considering heat generation by cutting with each abrasive on the wheel working periphery. A geometrical...
Authors: Cheng Yong Wang, Ying Ning Hu, Z.W. Wang, H.N. Ding
Authors: Fei Hu Zhang, J.C. Gui, Yi Zhi Liu, Hua Li Zhang
Abstract:Nano cemented carbide is a new style cutter material. Because its grain size is very small, it is superior to common cemented carbide in...
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