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Authors: Cong Ling Zhou, Shinichi Nishida, Nobusuke Hattori, Wen Xian Sun
Abstract:This study was focused on the effects of pre-strain on the torsional fatigue properties of three kinds of medium carbon steels, including the...
Authors: Dong Li Sun, Zhong Hua Li, X. Han, Qing Wang
Abstract:The influence of hydrogen content on the microstructure and the tensile property of Ti-6Al-4V alloy was studied, and the phenomenon of...
Authors: You Tang Li, Ping Ma, Yao Bing Wei
Abstract:The application of regular blanking for brass under extra-low cycle rotating bending fatigue was studied. The experiments of rotating bending...
Authors: Keum Oh Lee, Seong Gu Hong, Sam Son Yoon, Soon Bok Lee
Abstract:A thermomechanical fatigue (TMF) life prediction model for ferritic stainless steel, used in exhaust manifold of automobile, was developed...
Authors: Yoshifumi Iwasaki, Yuji Nakasone
Abstract:The present study has investigated plasticity-induced martensitic phase transformation in fatigue of unnotched SUS304 plates. Martensitic...
Authors: Katsuaki Furukawa, Yasuo Ochi
Authors: Masayuki Kamaya, Takayuki Kitamura
Abstract:Averaging the anisotropy of each crystal, the macroscopic behavior of polycrystalline materials is isotropic and homogenous in terms of...
Authors: Seung Bok Choi, Kyung Su Kim
Abstract:In this study, both mechanical and electrical fatigue properties of electrorheological (ER) materials whose global characteristics can be...
Authors: Yong Ning Liu, Jie Wu Zhu, Yan Xu
Abstract:1.4 %C ultra high carbon steel (UHCS) was prepared in order to study the structure of martensite transformation and mechanical properties....
Authors: Li Li, Qing Fen Li, Er Jun Guo, Er Bao Liu, Xin Fang Cui, Xiao Xue Xu
Abstract:According to the non-equilibrium grain-boundary segregation (NGS) kinetics curve of phosphorus, a series of Charpy impact tests was performed...
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