Advances in Fracture and Strength

Volumes 297-300

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jae Ho Jung, Soon Jong Yoon, Sung Kun You, Seok Goo Youn

Abstract: The local buckling analysis of thin walled member is generally conducted by modeling each plate component as an isolated plate with...

Authors: Seung Sik Lee, Soon Jong Yoon, S.K. Cho, Jong Myen Park

Abstract: Pultruded fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) structural members have been used in various civil engineering applications. T-shapes are commonly...

Authors: Hong Gun Kim

Abstract: The shortcoming of conventional SLT (Shear Lag Theory) is due to the neglect of stress transfer across the fiber ends, which results in the...

Authors: Juan Zhang, Qing Gao, Guo Zheng Kang, Xianjie Yang

Abstract: First, the characteristics of thermal residual stress in randomly oriented short δ-Al2O3 fiber reinforced aluminum alloy composites were...

Authors: Sang Soon Lee

Abstract: This paper deals with the hygrothermal stress singularity induced at the interface corner between the epoxy coating layer and the concrete...

Authors: Amit Karmakar, Kikuo Kishimoto

Abstract: In this paper a transient dynamic finite element analysis is presented to study the response of centrally impacted delaminated composite...

Authors: Ki Weon Kang, Jung Kyu Kim, Heung Seob Kim

Abstract: The goals of this paper are to identify the impact damage behavior of plain-weave E-glass/epoxy composites and predict the fatigue life of...

Authors: M. Nizar Machmud, Masaki Omiya, Hirotsugu Inoue, Kikuo Kishimoto

Abstract: Impact behavior of simply-supported circular thin plates made of PC/ABS (50/50) blends tested at room temperature by use of instrumented...

Authors: Jae Hoon Kim, Duck Hoi Kim, Hu Shik Kim, Byoung Jun Park

Abstract: The objectives of this study are to evaluate the internal damage and compressive residual strength of composite laminate by impact loading....

Authors: Kee Nam Song, Kyung Ho Yoon, Heung Seok Kang, Kang Hee Lee

Abstract: A spacer grid assembly is one of the main structural components of the fuel assemblies of Pressurized light Water Reactors. The spacer grid...


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