Advances in Fracture and Strength

Volumes 297-300

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hiroshi Tachiya, Teppei Aramoto, Akihiro Hojo, Akiyoshi Chatani
Authors: Wei Hong Li, Li Jiu Wang, Chun An Tang, Yi Wang Bao, Xiong Chen, Shuang Xu

Abstract: The aim of this study is to demonstrate the influence of the stress parallel to the crack plane on subcritical crack growth in brittle...

Authors: You Tang Li, Chang Feng Yan, Ping Ma

Abstract: Rotating bending and inverse rotating bending are the two different forms of fatigue. The application of regular blanking for brass under...

Authors: Jie Zhao, Tao Mo, Weixing Chen, Fu Gang Wang

Abstract: The current paper investigated the phenomena of room temperature creep at the crack tip and its influence on fatigue crack growth behavior...

Authors: Jae Do Kwon, Yong Tak Bae, Sung Jong Choi, Young Suck Chai, Hitoshi Ishii

Abstract: Fretting is a potential degradation mechanism of structural components and equipments exposed to various environments and loading...

Authors: Soon Hyeok Hong, Dong Woo Lee, Seok Swoo Cho, Won Sik Joo
Authors: Dong Bok Lee, Seung Wan Woo, Si Yon Bae, Byeong Soo Lim

Abstract: Metal matrix composites (MMC) that consisted of Al (-Mg) matrix reinforced with initially added BN particles were fabricated using the...

Authors: Gao Yuan, Jin Yong Xu, Yan Ping Liu, Jian Zhong Wang, Xiaoyun Kui, Zhong Xu

Abstract: The alloying elements W-Mo cementation is carried out on the surfaces of low carbon steels by the technique of plasma metallurgy. Then by...

Authors: Zheng Zhao Liang, Chun An Tang, De Shen Zhao, Yong Bin Zhang, Tao Xu, Hou Quan Zhang

Abstract: A newly developed numerical code MFPA3D is applied to simulate the progressive damage and failure process of laminated cylindrical...

Authors: Myung Hwan Boo, Chi Yong Park

Abstract: In order to study the influence of stress ratio and WC grain size, the characteristics of fatigue crack growth were investigated in WC-Co...


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