Advances in Fracture and Strength

Volumes 297-300

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hideo Koguchi, Wisessint Attaporn, Kazuto Nishida

Abstract: Anisotropic conductive film (ACF) is commonly used as underfill for flip chip assembly. The present study focuses on elastic recovery and...

Authors: Seung Kee Koh

Abstract: Hold-down spring screw fractures due to primary water stress corrosion cracking were observed in nuclear fuel assemblies. The screw fastens...

Authors: Joong Cheul Park, Jae Do Kwon

Abstract: A combined axial-torsional low cycle fatigue test was carried out to predict the fatigue life under in-phase and out-out-phase loading...

Authors: Q.Y. Wang, Hong Yan Zhang, M.R. Sriraman, Shou Xin Li

Abstract: For many applications, the understanding of very long life fatigue in materials becomes extremely important. In this study, the fatigue...

Authors: Tae Won Kim

Abstract: A stochastic approach has been presented for superplastic deformation of Ti-6Al-4V alloy, and probability functions are used to model the...

Authors: C.S. Jeong, Byeong Soo Lim

Abstract: As the operation time of a power plant increases, the degradation and the cracks inside of the structure exposed to high temperature will...

Authors: Guang Zhang, Jing Xi Chen, Guang Hua Tang

Abstract: Proposed in this paper is an analyzing model for the slope reliability taking the random effects of the seepage field of groundwater and the...

Authors: Y.B. Lee, Hyoung Eui Kim, J.H. Park, J.M. Ko

Abstract: There are several types of life test method for hose assemblies. The two major tests used for hose assemblies are impulse test and burst...

Authors: Jong Duk Chung, Jeong Guk Kim, Dae Sung Bae

Abstract: Engineering safety diagnosis of collided subway electric multiple units (EMUs) was conducted for safety assessment. Several advanced...

Authors: Tae Hee Lee, Jung Hun Yoo

Abstract: In practical design applications, most design variables such as thickness, diameter and material properties are not deterministic but...


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