Advances in Fracture and Strength

Volumes 297-300

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Guang Hui Min, Ruilan Gao, Hua Shun Yu, Jiande Han

Abstract: The polycrystallined LaB6-ZrB2 composites with different content of ZrB2 were fabricated by vacuum hot-pressed sintering technique in this...

Authors: Kang Hee Lee, Heung Seok Kang, Kyung Ho Yoon, Kee Nam Song
Authors: Sun Yeong Choi, Young Hwan Choi

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the piping failure frequency based on the piping failure events in Korean pressurized water...

Authors: Tae Hyun Lee, Young Jin Oh, Il Soon Hwang

Abstract: Local failure modes associated with bottom-mounted penetration nozzles are examined as a part of research on sever accident management....

Authors: Young Jae Park, Yoon Suk Chang, Jae Boong Choi, Young Jin Kim

Abstract: Class 1 piping components of a certain old vintage nuclear power plant were designed by ANSI B31.1 code without a detailed fatigue...

Authors: Young Shin Lee, Young Jin Choi, Kim Hyun Soo, Sung Hwan Chung

Abstract: The cask is used to transport the radioactive materials. It is required to withstand for the thirty minute under the hypothetical fire...

Authors: Min Chul Kim, Bong Sang Lee, Won Jon Yang, Jun Hwa Hong

Abstract: The effects of the microstructural parameters, such as the prior austenite grain size and carbide size, on the cleavage fracture toughness...

Authors: Young Hwan Choi, Sun Yeong Choi, Jin Su Kim

Abstract: The ASME B & PV Code Sec. allows the socket weld for the nuclear piping in spite of the weakness on the weld integrity. Recently, the...

Authors: Young Suk Kim, Kyung Soo Im, Yong Moo Cheong

Abstract: The hydrogen concentration limit and critical temperatures for a delayed hydride cracking (DHC) in zirconium alloys have been reanalyzed...

Authors: Jae Do Kwon, Seung Wan Woo, Young Hwan Choi

Abstract: A dissimilar weld zone exists between the pipe and nozzle in a primary reactor cooling system (RCS). Thermal aging is observed in cast...


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