Advances in Fracture and Strength

Volumes 297-300

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Khalil Farhangdoost, E. Pooladi B.

Abstract: Fatigue damage plays a significant role in fatigue life of structures and mechanical parts. Characterizing crack length as a random process...

Authors: Young Woo Choi, Byeong Wook Noh, Kyung Chun Ham, Sung In Bae

Abstract: The fatigue life of hexagon head and socket head bolts, attached to vehicle a wheel, is assessed and the estimation of the residual life of...

Authors: Do Hyun Jung, Sung In Bae

Abstract: Time domain approach with S-N approach and local strain approach were used for fatigue life estimation. But these days, using PSD (Power...

Authors: Deok Bo Lee, Tae Won Kim, Uoo Chang Chung

Abstract: Rubber-modified epoxy resins are used as a matrix material for glass and carbon-fiber composites. Mechanical properties of fiber reinforced...

Authors: Do Hyun Jung, Sung In Bae, Joung Woo Phark

Abstract: It is well-known that the noise and vibration from the torque change of the engine and the inertia change of its accessories (alternator and...

Authors: Tae Hun Lee, Kyung Young Jhang

Abstract: The hinge, which is used in various folders of electronic communication devices, damages easily due to the repeated impact-like stress that...

Authors: Kwang Ki Lee, Tae Won Kim

Abstract: OLED has many advantages such as possibility to make micro size, tiny driving power, and fast response time with high resolution. However,...

Authors: Ouk Sub Lee, No Hoon Myoung, Dong Hyeok Kim

Abstract: The differences of coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) of component and FR-4 board connected by solder joint generally cause the...

Authors: Jae Chul Jin, Qiang Yu, Tadahiro Shibutani, Hirokazu Abe, Masaki Shiratori

Abstract: In recent years, package downsizing has become one of biggest trends in packaging technologies because of miniaturization and the high...


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