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Authors: Dong Jo Yang, Jae Yeol Kim, Jae Ho Han
Abstract:The main purpose of this investigation was to evaluate the performance of the solar hot water heater for dwellings in a long period of time....
Authors: Chang Min Suh, Ki Sang Jung
Abstract:Ceramic ferrule that is a major part of the optic connectors requires a high level of precision in a grinding chamfer. After the grinding...
Authors: Zhe He Yao, K.J. Yang
Abstract:By imitating the vibration isolation mechanism and special organic texture of woodpecker’s brain, a bionics mechanics-based structure model...
Authors: Lee Ku Kwac, Jae Yeol Kim, Young Tae Cho
Abstract:Recently, the demand for Ultra-precision products is rapidly increasing, especially in such industries as semi-conductors, computers,...
Authors: Young Jin Kim, H.S. Kim
Abstract:The characteristic of flow fields in elbow has been numerically studied to develop anti-abrasive elbows, which is typically equipped in...
Authors: Jung Hee Cho, J.W. Kim, K.S. Kim, W.Y. Lee, Sae Hoon Kim, Won Youl Choi
Abstract:We report on a novel method for the surface modification of indium tin oxide (ITO) in LCD glass by direct exposure to a dielectric barrier...
Authors: Jung Sun Park, Jong Bin Im, Soo Yong Lee
Authors: Xiao Jing Xu, Seock Sam Kim, Y.S. Zheng
Abstract:In this paper the effects of an enhanced solution and aging on the strengthening behavior of commercially available 2024Al alloy were...
Authors: Ying Wu Fang, Yu Mei Huang, Guang Peng Zhang
Abstract:A method of systematic modeling was presented to analyze dynamic characteristics of an assembled thin plates structure. Based on dynamic...
Authors: Kyung Su Kim, Sung Chan Kim, Dae Ho Kim, Chang Hwan Lee, Jung Hee Kim, Seung Bok Choi
Abstract:The effective breadth of a stiffened plate under bending was investigated. The design parameter of an effective breadth was used when a...
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