Advances in Fracture and Strength

Volumes 297-300

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Joon Hyuk Song, Hyu Sun Yu, Hee Yong Kang, Sung Mo Yang

Abstract: Resistance spot welding is used extensively to fasten sheet for automotive applications. In many components, these welds should maintain...

Authors: Sang Dae Park, Mitsugu Todo, Kazuo Arakawa, Yasuharu Takenoshita

Abstract: Effect of mixing process on the fracture behavior of HA/PLLA Composites were investigated. Fracture toughness values of HA/PLLA composites...

Authors: Won Jo Park, Chu Yong Kim, Sun Chul Huh, Kwang Young Lee

Abstract: An aluminum borate whisker (Al18B4O33w) was recognized as an attractive reinforcement for the aluminum alloy, It is good strength, high wear...

Authors: Chang Sung Seok, Hyung Ick Kim, Dae Jin Kim, Bong Kook Bae, Sang Pil Kim

Abstract: When huge energy transfer systems like nuclear power plants and steam power plants are operated for long times at high temperatures,...

Authors: Chang Sung Seok, Jae Sil Park, Hyung Ick Kim, Young Min Lee, Won Hak Cho, Weon Keun Song

Abstract: The fatigue characteristic of a material or a structure is derived from fatigue tests of standard specimens. However, many researches have...

Authors: Seong Gu Hong, Keum Oh Lee, Jae Yong Lim, Soon Bok Lee

Abstract: Low-cycle fatigue tests were carried out in air in a wide temperature range from room temperature to 650oC to investigate the role of...

Authors: Un Bong Baek, Jong Seo Park, In Hyun Chung, Seung Hoon Nahm, Young Hwa Ma, Yong Yun Lee

Abstract: The high cycle fatigue properties of two kinds of wrought Al 2519 alloys without and with scandium of 0.10% were investigated. The fatigue...

Authors: Qing Fen Li, Peng Wang, Dong Liu, Jun Wang, Hong Juan Liu, Yan Bo Wang

Abstract: A series of test for the fatigue crack growth rate da/dN and the threshold ΔKth values were performed with CT specimens on a ship-condenser...

Authors: Kyung Su Kim, Dong In Cho, Jae Wook Ahn, Seung Bok Choi

Abstract: For many fatigue-critical parts of machines and structures, the load history under operating conditions generally involves variable...

Authors: Hao Guo, Guang Fu Li, Xun Cai, Jiasheng Bai, Wu Yang

Abstract: Crack propagation of X-70 pipeline steel in near-neutral pH solution was studied under different modes of cyclic loading. A revised equation...


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