Advances in Fracture and Strength

Volumes 297-300

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Lian Chong Li, Leslie George Tham, Tian Hong Yang, Xia Li

Abstract: Based on the heterogeneous and porous characteristics of rock materials, a flow-stressdamage (FSD) model, implemented with the Rock Failure...

Authors: Li Jun Han, Yong Nian He

Abstract: Surrounding rocks of deep underground engineering are generally cracked, between which and support exists combined effect that can be...

Authors: Ming Ruo Jiao, Chun An Tang, W.F. Sun, Shu Hong Wang

Abstract: A series of numerical simulations were performed to investigate the effects of geometric and mechanical heterogeneity of pre-existing faults...

Authors: Juan Xia Zhang, Junjie Liu, Chun An Tang, Xu Chang, Shu Hong Wang, Wancheng Zu, Wen Zhao

Abstract: Reinforced concrete structures are generally designed to allow cracking under service loading. Accurate modeling of crack formation and...

Authors: Peng Shao, Yong Zhang, Yong Nian He

Abstract: Rock masses usually contain intermittent joints. The existence of joints not only significantly affects the static properties of rock...

Authors: Si Rong Zhu, Zhuo Qiu Li, Xian Hui Song

Abstract: Cement structures such as bridges and dams often come into being distortion or exhibit excessive thermal stresses due to the sun radiation...

Authors: Zheng Yi Ren, Qing Fen Li, Hai Tao Zhu, Hai-sheng Shu, Ping Long

Abstract: An expert system in fatigue and fracture analysis based on Web is developed in this paper. The system consists of six functional parts: a...

Authors: Dong Sik Jang, Jine Sung Jung, Eui Hyun Kim

Abstract: Features of the materials database system for plant facilities management are discussed here. Korea Electric Power Research Institute...

Authors: Song Chun Choi, Sang In Han, Hee Jun Jung, Ji Yoon Kim

Abstract: Recently, regulatory bodies quite often encourage to adopt risk-based inspection (RBI) and management programs because they can enhance...

Authors: Woo Bang Lee, Sung Mok Min, Bok Kwi Park, Dong Jo Kim

Abstract: Nuclear power company plant maintenance has been conservative since it was born. Before we adopted DREAMS system, most of PM documents were...


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