Advances in Fracture and Strength

Volumes 297-300

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Song, Hou Quan Zhang, Zheng Zhao Liang, Ming Ruo Jiao, Tian Hui Ma, Juan Xia Zhang, Liexian Tang

Abstract: Six types of numerical specimens containing two notches are set up to numerically investigate the effect of element size on rock shear...

Authors: S.K. Au, Shan Yong Wang, K.C. Lam, Chun An Tang

Abstract: Disastrous rock slope failures have been posing a hazard to people’s lives and causing enormous economic losses worldwide. Numerical...

Authors: Wen Zhao, Shiyue Wu, Wan Cheng Zhu

Abstract: In this paper, the process of failure and falling of the rock masses in the underground mining is studied; and the relationship between the...

Authors: Jin Ho Kim

Abstract: In this paper, nonlinear vibration techniques were applied to investigate stages of progressive damage in three vibration isolation systems...

Authors: Shan Yong Wang, S.K. Au, K.C. Lam, Chun An Tang

Abstract: By using numerical code RFPA2D (Rock Failure Process Analysis), the evolution of fracture around cavities subjected to uniaxial and...

Authors: Shan Yong Wang, S.K. Au, K.C. Lam, Chun An Tang

Abstract: Borehole breakout is the process by which portions of borehole or tunnel wall fracture or spall when subjected to compressive stresses. The...

Authors: Shu Hong Wang, Huo Ran Sun, Tao Xu, Tian Hong Yang, En'de Wang

Abstract: Rock failure analysis is an important research in investigating the behavior of rocks, especially its failure process. And a rock sample,...

Authors: Hou Quan Zhang, Li Song, Junjie Liu, Tao Xu, Xiong Chen, Zheng Zhao Liang

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to investigate shear strength and failure pattern of rock containing two parallel open joints with different...

Authors: Xiang Feng Liu, Lai Gui Wang, Yong Jiang Yu

Abstract: When the coal (rock) specimens are tested with infrared, one can observe that the specimens’ temperature field is changing. Commonly, causes...

Authors: Shan Yong Wang, S.K. Au, K.C. Lam, Chun An Tang

Abstract: Based on cusp-type catastrophe theory, a sample rock-rock (hypocenter surrounding the rock) model for studying the pillar rockburst...


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