Advances in Fracture and Strength

Volumes 297-300

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Bum Shin Kim, Gee Wook Song

Abstract: For prevention of failure and extension of maintenance interval, many Asian power companies have continuously tried to apply Condition...

Authors: Guang Hui Min, Li Xia Yang, Hua Shun Yu, Jiande Han

Abstract: In this paper, CaB6 sintered body was fabricated by hot-pressed sintering with/without nickel as a sintering aid. The microstructure and...

Authors: Midori Yamaya, Masatoshi Futakawa, Hidefumi Date

Abstract: The mechanical properties of palladium (Pd) wire absorbed hydrogen were evaluated by the quasi-static tension test and indentation test. The...

Authors: Nobumasa Tsuji, Taiju Shibata, Junya Sumita, Masahiro Ishihara, Tatsuo Iyoku

Abstract: High temperature gas cooled reactor (HTGR) with higher outlet coolant temperature nearly 1000°C is expected for direct utilization of...

Authors: Jun Yong Choi, Do Won Seo, Jae Kyoo Lim

Abstract: Composite materials have drawn a lot of attention in recent years due to their being in expensive, lightweight and biodegradable. The...

Authors: Manabu Kanemitsu, Hidetoshi Nakayasu

Abstract: A new method is proposed in this paper for robust deign of configuration of multiple layers. The present design tool may enable the...

Authors: Seok Yoon Han, Y.J. Ma, J.Y. Park

Abstract: Shape optimization was performed to obtain the precise shape of cutouts including the internal shape of cutouts in laminated composite...

Authors: Soo Hyun Eum, Yun Hae Kim, Joong Won Han, Kook Jin Kim, Do Hoon Shin, Cheolmun Yim, Riichi Murakami

Abstract: To prove the suitability the honeycomb composites structure with VARTM, the mechanical properties of the skin materials and honeycomb...

Authors: Cheol Won Kong, Se Won Eun, Jae Sung Park, Ho Sung Lee, Young Soon Jang, Yeong Moo Yi, Gwang Rae Cho

Abstract: When comparing composite sandwich analysis with an exact solution, the results of finite element modeling with an ANSYS shell 91 element...

Authors: Sang Kyoon Jeong, Soon Jong Yoon, Won Sup Jang

Abstract: The structural shapes or plates with varying thickness are often adopted in aerospace industries such as a skin structure of an airplane and...


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