Advances in Fracture and Strength

Volumes 297-300

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ikuo Shohji, Satoshi Takayama, Takanori Nakazawa, Ken Matsumoto, Masanori Hikita

Abstract: In the brazed joint of stainless steel with BNi-2 filler, brittle Cr-B compounds form in the vicinity of the centerline of the brazed joint....

Authors: Young Sup Lee, Cheol Ho Lim, C.H. Lee, K.W. Seo, Seung Y. Shin, Chang Hee Lee

Abstract: In this study, a diffusion bonding of aluminium alloy A6061 was preformed using an Ag-28Cu filler metal in order to conduct eutectic...

Authors: Do Won Seo, Chang Heon Chi

Abstract: Two-layered Si3N4/SiC nano-composites with 50vol.% SiC have been fabricated by two-step sintering of a powder mixture of a-Si3N4 and carbon...

Authors: Masahito Mochizuki, Gyu Baek An, Masao Toyoda
Authors: Ji Tai Niu, Wei Guo, Jin Fan Zhai, Mu Zhen Wang

Abstract: In this paper, a new method for welding aluminum matrix composites is mainly described. It is liquid-phase-impact (LPI) diffusion welding,...

Authors: Zi Liang An, Wei Ling Luan, Fu Zhen Xuan, Shan Tung Tu

Abstract: Two types of joining specimens with and without Ni foil interlayer between 316L–SS bar have been prepared by diffusion bonding in a...

Authors: Tak Kee Lee, Chae Whan Rim, Seung Ho Han, Jong Han Lee

Abstract: For a rational design of a welded joint, it is necessary to repeatedly assess the fatigue life of the joint with various dimensions and...

Authors: Akira Kai, Yuichiro Terayama, Kazuhiro Ogawa, Tetsuo Shoji
Authors: Xun Cai, Xiaoyu Yang, Tao Zhao, Liuhe Li, Qiu Long Chen

Abstract: The mixture of Ni based alloy powder and WC particles were used as a feeding material to modify the surface properties of cast Al-Si alloy...

Authors: Ikuo Shohji, Tsukasa Sakurai, Shinji Arai

Abstract: High-speed ultrasonic bonding method has been developed to join resin-coated Cu wire on Sn electrodes for high-frequency chip coils....


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