Fracture and Strength of Solids VI

Volumes 306-308

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wei Shen Zhu, Shu Cai Li, Q. Zhang, X. Qiu

Abstract: This paper puts forward a damage-fracture mechanical model and a damage-rheology mechanical model for the jointed rock mass of the high...

Authors: Yu Yong Jiao, Quan Sheng Liu, Shu Cai Li

Abstract: This paper presents a three-dimensional numerical model for simulation of blocky rock structures based on static relaxation approach. The...

Authors: Quan Sheng Liu, Chong Ge Wang, X.C. Xu, Tsutomu Yamaguchi

Abstract: Based on the theory of irreversible process thermodynamics, non-linear stress-strain-temperature equations are derived, together with an...

Authors: Chong Ge Wang, Wei Zhong Chen, Liyou Pan

Abstract: The stratum movement and surface subsidence is considered as a whole system in the research work. The key of the surface subsidence control...

Authors: Wei Zhong Chen, Fei Li, Guo Jun Wu, Shu Cai Li, Jian Fu Shao

Abstract: An extension of Hoek-Brown criteria to include unsaturated behavior of argillite in porous medium is presented. The model is applied to...

Authors: Peng Shao, Yong Zhang, Wen Ming Gao, Yong Qiang Liu

Abstract: The propagation of blast waves in intermittent jointed rock masses will result in a complex interaction between propagating waves and rock...

Authors: Peng Shao, Yong Zhang, Wen Ming Gao, Yong Qiang Liu

Abstract: Synchronous explosion forming, which takes advantage of the thixotropy of concrete or cement mortar and the condensability of soil under...

Authors: Qi Xin Pan, Lai Shan Chang

Abstract: A damage mechanics model for jointed rock mass is established by the simulation of the multi-cleavage behaviour by introducing the damage...

Authors: Ji Chao Sun, Quan Chen Gao, Hai Biao Wang, Ying Ming Li

Abstract: As a kind of porous medium made of grains, water and air, under some transfer influences, the soil in some certain atmosphere circumstances...

Authors: X.Z. Cui, Q. Jin, Q.S. Shang, Zhan Yong Yao

Abstract: At present the energy dissipation rate per unit volume of deforming region is expressed with the function of principal strain rates in...


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