Experimental Mechanics in Nano and Biotechnology

Volumes 326-328

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.326-328

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Authors: Chung Seog Oh, Sung Hoon Choa, Chang Seung Lee, Hak Joo Lee

Abstract: The accurate characterization of linear coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) of thin films is vital for predicting the thermal stress,...

Authors: Feng Yuan Chen, Rwei Ching Chang

Abstract: This work presents a comparison of numerical simulation and experiment of nanoindentation testing. A commercial finite element code ANSYS...

Authors: Ki Ho Cho, Hak Joo Lee, Jae Hyun Kim, Jong Man Kim, Yong Kweon Kim, Chang Wook Baek

Abstract: We have designed and fabricated diamond-shaped AFM cantilevers capable of performing multi-functioning tasks by using single crystal...

Authors: Xiao Yuan He, Wei Sun, Xiang Zheng, Meng Nie

Abstract: It is critical to measure the static and dynamic deformation of the micro beam over their full range of voltage and frequency inputs, which...

Authors: Yun Hee Lee, Yong Hak Huh, Ju Young Kim, Seung Hoon Nahm, Jae Il Jang, Dong Il Kwon

Abstract: We tried to apply the nanoindentation technique to yield strength characterization by modifying a previous research. Although the yield...

Authors: Dong Cheon Baek, Soon Bok Lee

Abstract: As a reliable tool to measure the Young’s modulus, nanoindention technique has been used widely recently. In this paper, nanoindetation...

Authors: Yu Xian Di, Xin Hua Ji, Ming Hu, Yu Wen Qin, Jin Long Chen

Abstract: Extensive research has been done on porous silicon (PS) and its applications in optoelectronics since the discovery of its light emitting...

Authors: Woo Sung Choi, S.T. Choi, Sang Uk Son, Seung Seob Lee, S.Y. Yang, Y.Y. Earmme

Abstract: In order to measure the mechanical properties of gold films on silicon substrate, two types of specimens, i.e., bridged films and circular...

Authors: Zhong Bin Tang, Fei Xu, Yu Long Li, Wu Jun Xu

Abstract: A micro-scale uniaxial tension test method for measuring material mechanical properties of thin film materials is introduced in this paper....

Authors: Yasushi Sasaki, Manabu Iguchi, Mitsutaka Hino

Abstract: Based on the relationship between quantified blurring degree of Kikuchi bands obtained by an electron backscattering diffraction (EBSD)...


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