Bioceramics 19

Volumes 330-332

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: G.X. Tan, Ying De Cui, Ying Jun Wang

Abstract: Hydrogel biomaterials were synthesized by radical copolymerization of N-vinyl pyrrolidone (NVP) and 2-hydroxyethylmathacrylate (HEMA), with...

Authors: Fa Ming Zhang, Jiang Chang, Jian Xi Lu, Kai Li Lin

Abstract: Attempt to increase the mechanical properties of porous bioceramics, a dense/porous structured β-TCP bioceramics that mimic the...

Authors: Shuo Zou, Serena Best, William Bonfield

Abstract: Computerized X-ray micro tomography (micro CT) is a powerful technique for studying the structure and properties of porous scaffold. A...

Authors: Shuo Zou, Roger A. Brooks, Serena Best, Tom Buckland, Xiao Wei Fu, Neil Rushton, William Bonfield

Abstract: Computerized X-ray microtomography (micro CT) is a powerful technique for imaging and quantification in biomedical materials research....

Authors: Na Ru Zhao, Ying Jun Wang, Xiao Feng Chen, Cheng Yun Ning

Abstract: In this study, the bioactive composites based on β-tricalcium phosphate (β-TCP), bioglass (BG) and poly lactic acid (PLA) were prepared....

Authors: Hong Jiang Jiang, Yu Ling Wang, Shi Ru Jia, Yuan Huang, Fang He, Yi Zao Wan

Abstract: The surfaces of BC (bacterial cellulose) nanofibers are covered with homogeneous nano-sized precipitates upon exposure to SBF. The...

Authors: Jean Christophe Hornez, Feng Chai, N. Blanchemain, A. Lefèvre, M. Descamps, H.F. Hildebrand

Abstract: Calcium phosphate compounds, in particular HA and β-TCP, are the principal synthetic materials used for bone substitutes. To assess the...

Authors: Yun Zhang, Guang Fu Yin, Yue Hua Wang, Wei Zhong Yang, Yun Qing Kang

Abstract: Degradation of surface modified β-tricalcium phosphate (β-TCP) and poly L lactic acid (PLLA) composite scaffolds were investigated in...

Authors: Silvia R. A. Santos, Antonella M. Rossi, L.R. Andrade, Marcelo Henrique Prado da Silva

Abstract: In the present study, two methods for the production of three-dimensional scaffolds made of bioactive ceramics are presented. Depending on...

Authors: Xiao Feng Chen, Ying Jun Wang, Na Ru Zhao, Chun Rong Yang

Abstract: The new type of bone tissue engineering scaffold composed of the sol-gel derived bioactive glass particles, type I collagen, hyaluronic...


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