Bioceramics 19

Volumes 330-332

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Fang Fang Wang, Yun Mao Liao, Min Wang, Ping Gong, Xiao Yu Li, Hua Tang, Yi Man, Quan Yuan, Na Wei, Zhen Tan, Yu Ban

Abstract: In this study, an exclusive sodium titanate (Na2Ti6O13) coating on titanium was fabricated by sol-gel method and evaluated in vitro. The...

Authors: K.H. Jung, Inn Kyu Kang, Sung Min Kim, Myun Whan Ahn, Suk Young Kim

Abstract: The adhesion of bone cells on substrate materials is generally measured by the removal torque and/or contact area between bone and...

Authors: Bin Chen, Xin Yan Wu, Xiang He Peng

Abstract: Bone is a kind of biomaterial in nature. It behaves favorable strength, stiffness and fracture toughness which are closely related to its...

Authors: Ji Hwan Kim, Doug Youn Lee, Sang Bae Lee

Abstract: The antibacterial brushite-forming calcium phospahte cements (CPC) were prepared using an equimolar mixture of β-tricalcium phosphate...

Authors: Emi Fujihara, Masayuki Kon, Kenzo Asaoka

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to determine if a strontium (Sr)-containing mixing liquid could be used as an exchanging agent for calcium...

Authors: Peter J. Catalano, G.M. Insley, Brian Hess

Abstract: The aim of this work was to assess the mixing, transfer and handling, properties, injectability, set time, wash-out characteristics,...

Authors: Kang Yong Lee, Y.W. Lee, M. Park, Hyun Min Kim, J.H. Lee, K.T. Kim, J.S. Han, K.S. Oh

Abstract: In this study, we attempted preparation and assessments of composite pastes of demineralized bone matrix (DBM) and calcium phosphate cement...

Authors: Qi Huang, Feng Cao, Dong Xu Li

Abstract: N,O-carboxymethyl chitosan (CMCTS) was added in Calcium phosphate bone cement (CPC). A preliminary study was carried out in order to...

Authors: G. Daculsi, I. Khairoun, Racquel Z. LeGeros, Françoise Moreau, Paul Pilet, Xavier Bourges, Pierre Weiss, Olivier Gauthier
Authors: Mervi Puska, Ari-Pekka Forsback, Antti Yli-Urpo, Jukka Seppälä, Pekka K. Vallittu

Abstract: Acrylic bone cements are used to fix joint replacements to bone. The main substance in acrylic bone cement is biologically inert...


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