Advanced Biomaterials VII

Volumes 342-343

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Young Kwon Seo, Gung Min Choi, Soon Yong Kwon, Hwa Sung Lee, Yong Soon Park, Kye Yong Song, Young Jin Kim, Jung Keug Park

Abstract: The aim of this study was to estimate the mechanical properties and evaluate the biocompatibility of silk and PGA scaffolds as an...

Authors: Seung Eon Kim, Yong Taek Hyun, Dong June Chung, S.J. Heo, Jung Woog Shin, J.H. Lee

Abstract: Poly ε-caprolactone(PCL)/hydroxyapatite(HA) composite scaffolds were fabricated by particulate leaching and freeze drying routes with...

Authors: Hye Ryeon Lim, Hyun Sook Baek, Mi Hee Lee, Yeon I Woo, Tek Hyung Lee, Jong Chul Park

Abstract: Adhesions are abnormal attachments between tissues, caused by an inflammatory stimulus or trauma. It was generally used physical barriers...

Authors: Hyun Sook Baek, Young Hwan Park, Ki Chang Seok, Jong Chul Park, Don Kyun Rah

Abstract: Attachment and viability of different cell types(fibrioblast, chondrocyte and osteoblast ) was observed on two forms of silk (mat &...

Authors: Jae Ho Jeong, Y.M. Moon, S.O. Kim, S.S. Yun, Hong In Shin

Abstract: Despite many outstanding research works on cartilage tissue engineering, actual clinical application is not quite successful because of the...

Authors: Jin Hyun Chung, Hye Ryeon Lim, Tek Hyung Lee, Mi Hee Lee, Yeon I Woo, Hyun Sook Baek, Seung Jin Lee, Jeong Koo Kim, Jong Chul Park

Abstract: Poly (D,L-latic-co-glycolic acid) (PLGA) has been used as the artificial scaffold for blood vessel formation. In order to hinder smooth...

Authors: Seung Jae Lee, Byung Kim, Geun Bae Lim, Sung Won Kim, Jong Won Rhie, Dong Woo Cho

Abstract: This paper compares the characteristics of chondrocyte adhesion on two types of threedimensional (3-D) scaffold: types A and B. These 3-D...

Authors: Y.M. Moon, S.O. Kim, S. Kim, Jae Ho Jeong

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to confirm the possibility of regenerating actual fat tissue using human adipose tissue-derived stem cells...

Authors: J.T. Kim, H.J. Kang, H.N. Kim, J.Y. Choi, J.M. Lee, Eui Kyun Park, Hong In Shin

Abstract: To improve ostegenic healing efficiency by demineralized bone matrix, we evaluated the ectopic bone formation induced by variously...

Authors: Yong Taek Hyun, Seung Eon Kim, S.J. Heo, Jung Woog Shin

Abstract: Porous and bioactive composite scaffolds based on poly ε-caprolactone(PCL) and hydroxyapatite(HA) were successfully fabricated by solvent...


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