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Authors: Tae Hyun Baek, Seung Kee Koh, Jie Cheng
Abstract:Pre-produced triplate transition joint assemblies are widely used in shipbuilding industry to make welds between aluminum and steel for a...
Authors: Dong Seok Chung, Y.G. Kim, S.H. Lee, B.O. Park, J.K. Kim
Abstract:This present work investigated the influence of welding conditions, such as welding current, diameter of welding wire on the microstructural...
Authors: Ho Jun Shin, Young Tae Yoo, Byung Heon Shin, Ji Hwan Kim
Abstract:Dissimilar metal welding (DMW) are used widely in various industrial applications due to the practical importance from the technical and...
Authors: Yong Hwan Kim, Il Ho Kim, K.T. Kim, Seung Y. Shin
Abstract:The microstructure and bonding strength of the wide-gap region brazed with different filler metal powder (BNi-3 and DF 4B) and various...
Authors: Byoung Ho Choi, Dong Ho Joo, Sam Hong Song
Abstract:The fatigue characteristic of triple spot welded SPCC plates with the variation of the thickness and the geometry under tensile-shear...
Authors: Hiroshi Kawakami, Keiko Kimura, Satoshi Kondo, Jippei Suzuki
Abstract:Al bonding in air by inserted A5056 was investigated in this study. Heating rate in thermal history of bonding process may have the relation...
Authors: Byung Heon Shin, Young Tae Yoo, Ho Jun Shin, Ji Hwan Kim
Abstract:Laser welding process is widely used in the industrial area due to its less affects to base metal than general welding. Laser welding has...
Authors: Gab Chul Jang, Kyong Ho Chang, Chin Hyung Lee
Abstract:During manufacturing the welded joint of steel structures, residual stress is produced and weld metal is used inevitably. And residual...
Authors: Sang Soon Lee
Abstract:In this paper, stress distribution in a double lap joint subjected to a tensile load is investigated using the boundary element method. The...
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