The Mechanical Behavior of Materials X

Volumes 345-346

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chung Wei Yang, Truan Sheng Lui

Abstract: Plasma-sprayed HA coatings (HACs) on Ti-6Al-4V substrates with post-heat treatments were employed to improve the microstructural...

Authors: Ouk Sub Lee, Man Jae Hur, Yeon Chang Park, Dong Hyeok Kim

Abstract: It is well-known that the vibration significantly affect the life of solder joint. In this paper, the effects of the vibration on the...

Authors: Gwang Beom Kim, Chong Dae Park, Dong Sun Seo, Sang Jeen Hong

Abstract: Negative SU-8 photoresist processed at several levels of lower temperature than conventional approach was investigated, and its...

Authors: Cemal Basaran

Abstract: In this paper, Moiré interferometry technique is used to measure the in-situ displacement evolution of lead-free solder joints under high...

Authors: Hidetoshi Fujii, Ling Cui, Kiyoshi Nogi

Abstract: A high carbon steel joint, S70C (0.72wt%C) was successfully friction stir welded without any postheat treatments. There are two methods for...

Authors: Chae Heon Chung, Han Cheol Choe, Hee Jung Kim, Jin Sup Kim, William A. Brantley

Abstract: To investigate mechanical fitness of abutment/fixture screw interface in the internal dental implant system, internal connection type...

Authors: Dong Hak Kim, Ki Seong Seo, Ju Cahn Lee

Abstract: In this study the effect of a free drop impact on the bolted joint of the transport package of radioactive material was studied under...

Authors: Wei Zhong Ren, Yong Gang Wang, Yong Feng, Hao Chen, Jing Qin Chen, John Ho

Abstract: Based on the results of model tests, the deformation and facture mechanisms of brittle rockmass containing coplanar close intermittent...

Authors: H.S. Jeong, J.R. Cho, H.C. Park

Abstract: Considering the exhaust valve spindle consists of a valve head and a stem comprising the body, the use of different materials, that is,...

Authors: Ji Hoon Kim, Don Gun Kim, Kwan Soo Chung

Abstract: In an effort to develop the numerical modeling method to optimize the friction stir welding process for quality products, the plastic...


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