The Mechanical Behavior of Materials X

Volumes 345-346

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Mamoru Mizuno, Nozomi Odagiri, Mitsuhiro Okayasu

Abstract: In the present paper, lead zirconate titanate (PZT) and lead titanate (PT) piezoelectric ceramics were subjected to both high electric...

Authors: Tae Won Park, Young Bum Song

Abstract: Aging behavior of Al-2.1Li-2.9Cu-0.12Zr(wt%) alloy has been studied as functions of aging time and temperature by using a differential...

Authors: Ki Weon Kang, H.J. Kim, J.H. Kim, Heung Seob Kim, Yong Su Kim, Young Min Do

Abstract: This paper deals with the damage resistance of glass/epoxy laminates with embedded shape memory alloy (SMA) subjected to low-velocity...

Authors: Teck Su Oh, Jae Ho Lee, Ji Young Byun, Tae Sung Oh

Abstract: In Ni-SiC composite coating, the SiC content is dependent on the surface properties of SiC particles. As sulfuric acid has a strong...

Authors: Han Sun Ryou, Myoung Gyu Lee, Chong Min Kim, Kwan Soo Chung

Abstract: Crash simulations were performed for automotive sheets. To understand the influence of crystal structures in sheet materials on...

Authors: Han Ki Yoon, Sung Ho Park, Won Jo Park

Abstract: Silicon carbide (SiC) materials have been extensively studied for high-temperature components in fusion blanket system and gas turbines,...

Authors: Markus Ostermeier, Hartmut Hoffmann, Ewald Werner

Abstract: Since the early 1960s hot isostatic pressing (HIP) was used to improve the quality of castings made of various alloys. The closure of...

Authors: Seung Joon Ahn, Seung Joon Ahn, Chul Geun Park

Abstract: As the design rule goes down sub-70 nm for the ULSI devices, the total thermal budget that the device can take during the fabrication is...

Authors: Deuck Seung Bae, Woo Sang Jung, Kyung Tae Hong, Kyung Sub Lee

Abstract: The precipitation behavior of MX nitrides during aging was investigated for Cr-Mo-N-X (X=V,Nb,Ti) ferritic steels. MX nitrides, which are...

Authors: Jong Taek Yeom, Eun Jeoung Jung, Jeoung Han Kim, Dong Geun Lee, Nho Kwang Park, Seung Sik Choi, Chong Soo Lee

Abstract: The process design of profile ring rolling for a large-scale turbine diaphragm was made using the calculation method and three dimensional...


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