The Mechanical Behavior of Materials X

Volumes 345-346

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Do Sik Kim, Sang Bok Ahn, Wan Ho Oh, Byung Ok Yoo, Yong Sun Choo, Kwon Pyo Hong, Sun Kee Kim

Abstract: Modified transverse and longitudinal tensile test techniques are proposed to evaluate the mechanical properties of nuclear fuel cladding...

Authors: Sang Min Song, Woo Sang Jung, Suk Woo Hong, Deuck Seung Bae, Soon Hyo Chung, S.I. Kwun

Abstract: The effect of thermo-mechanical treatment (TMT) process on the strength and precipitation behavior of an 11%Cr-0.3Mo-1.6W steel during long...

Authors: Jung Hwa Hong, Sang Ok Ko, Soon Hyuck Lee

Abstract: "Osseo" refers to bone and "integration" refers to how a prosthesis can be integrated with the bone in residual limbs both arms and legs....

Authors: Z. X. Yang, Jeong Bae Yoon, Kyu Hong Hwang, J.K. Lee, B.S. Jun

Abstract: The reaction-sintered zirconia-alumina and zirconia-spinel ceramics having low firing shrinkage were prepared from ZrO2(Ca-PSZ)/Al and...

Authors: Hyun Uk Kim, Sang Hwa Jeong, Hye Jeong Kim, Jeong Ho Kim

Abstract: In this research, the optimal grinding condition has been obtained by design of experiment(DOE) for the development of aspheric lens for...

Authors: Sang Woo Lee, Dae Young Shin, Kyoung Jin Chun

Abstract: The safety valve has been designed to protect high pressure vessels. A fracture plate made of a circular thin plate is located within the...

Authors: Do Hyoung Kim, Han Ki Yoon, Do Hoon Shin, Riichi Murakami

Abstract: The thin films of indium tin oxide (ITO) are used for a variety of electronic devices such as solar cells, touch panels, liquid crystal...

Authors: Yuji Sano, T. Adachi, Koichi Akita, I. Altenberger, M.A. Cherif, Berthold Scholtes, Kiyotaka Masaki, Yasuo Ochi, Tatsuo Inoue

Abstract: Laser peening without protective coating (LPwC) has been applied to metallic materials using low energy pulses of a Q-switched and...

Authors: Doo Man Chun, Hyung Jung Kim, Jae Chul Lee, Sung Hoon Ahn

Abstract: Material selection became one of the important activities for engineers in design and manufacturing processes. A selected material at the...

Authors: Yun Sung Moon, Jae Ho Lee, Tae Sung Oh, Ji Young Byun

Abstract: The codeposition behavior of submicron sized diamond with nickel from nickel electrolytes has been investigated. Electroplating of diamond...


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