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Authors: Shen Yung Lin, Y.C. Fang
Abstract:The accuracy and surface roughness of a machined component is strongly dominated by the dynamic characteristics of the machine tool while...
Authors: Ramezan Ali Mahdavinejad
Abstract:Electrochemical polishing is a well-known method in finishing of complex shapes with high surface quality. Inner surface polishing of...
Authors: Wei Ching Chuang, Ching Kong Chao, Wen Chung Chang, Chi Ting Ho
Abstract:A procedure for fabricating a periodic structure on a metal at submicron order using holographic interferometry and molding processes is...
Authors: Ming Jun Chen, Qi Long Pang, Jing He Wang, K. Cheng
Abstract:Fractal and wavelet methods have been used in this study to analyze the KDP surfaces machined by accurate milling and SPDT (Single Point...
Authors: Shuo Jen Lee, J.J. Lai, Yu Ming Lee, Chi Yuan Lee, K.T. Yang, C.W. Peng
Abstract:In this study, the parametric effects of the EMM process were studied by both numerical simulation and experimental tests. The numerical...
Authors: Jing He Wang, Ming Jun Chen, Shen Dong, Shi Qian Wang
Abstract:In the ultra-precision machining of KDP crystal, there are many factors affecting the surface quality[1-3]. The experiments show that the...
Authors: Yoshiaki Daichi, Sadao Sano, Yoshiyuki Uno, Akira Okada
Authors: Je Ee Ho, Hong Tsu Young
Abstract:In Laser Beam (L.B.) and Electron Beam (E.B.) drilling, the energy distribution significantly affects both the penetrating efficiency and...
Authors: Ming Fei Chen, Yu Pin Chen, Wen Tse Hsiao, Zhi Peng Gu
Abstract:Laser patterning technology of indium tin oxide thin films has been studied in this research. ITO thin films, which usually coat on the...
Authors: Qing Liang Zhao, Guang Yu, Tao Sun, Shen Dong
Abstract:An advanced conditioning technique was developed to precisely and effectively condition the nickel electroplated mono-layer coarse-grained...
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