Optics Design and Precision Manufacturing Technologies

Volumes 364-366

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.364-366

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Authors: Hong Jian Yu, Bing Li, Xiao Jun Yang, Ying Hu, Hong Hu

Abstract: In this paper, a novel parallel mechanism (3-RRRS/UPR) used in flexible fixture with configuration composed of two parallel robots (2-RR...

Authors: Yu Hsien Chou, Ching Yuan Bai, Ming Der Ger, Shuo Jen Lee, Chi Yuan Lee, Chu Lung Chao

Abstract: This paper describes the performance of Ni-P and Ni-Mo-P alloy coatings deposited by electroless plating on the aluminum alloy 5052 to...

Authors: Ju Fan Zhang, Bo Wang, Shen Dong

Abstract: As there are always certain defects on the final surface of large-scale lightweight mirrors, which are formed in traditional mechanical...

Authors: Yann Cheng Chen, Sheng Lung Kuo, Jeou Long Lee, Shih Tsung Ke, Chia Hao Wong, Ming Der Ger

Abstract: The influence of surfactant CTAB (cetyl trimethyl ammonium bromide) on electrodeposited nickel layer has been investigated in this...

Authors: Song Bao Luo, Hui Yang, Jian Ming Zhang, Chang Tao Pang

Abstract: The deterministic ultraprecision machining achieves accuracy and repeatability not possible using conventional optical machining...

Authors: Kung Hsu Hou, Ming Chang Jeng, Yung Kang Shen, Ming Der Ger

Abstract: In this study, the SiC particles with a mean diameter of 300nm were used to be codeposited with Ni-P base to produce Ni-P-SiC composite...

Authors: Rong Dai, Tie Bang Xie, Su Ping Chang

Abstract: A profilometer for micro-surface topography measurement is presented. The instrument is based on the scanning white-light microscopic...

Authors: Jian Ping Yun, Ling Ling Zhang, Tie Bang Xie, Guo Yuan Hu

Abstract: We have constructed a novel contact stylus profilometer which is, in a certain sense, a combination of a lever system, an x-y stage, a...

Authors: Yi Hua Fan, Cheng Ju Wu, Chen Chao Fan, Kuo Wei Chih, Lun De Liao

Abstract: The paper proposes a novel time based brightness compensation circuit for LED back light modules. The brightness of LED decays while...

Authors: Fwu Hsing Liu, Yunn Shiuan Liao

Abstract: This article proposes a rapid prototyping apparatus of selective laser sintering for forming silica ceramic green parts. The main...


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