Advances in Concrete and Structures

Volumes 400-402

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hui Qu, Lin Hai Han, Zhong Tao

Abstract: In this paper, eight reinforced concrete (RC) beam to concrete-filled steel tubular (CFST) column joints enclosed by rebars were tested...

Authors: J.F. Wang, Lin Hai Han

Abstract: This paper discussed the results of experiments on bolted moment connection joints of square or circular concrete filled steel tubular...

Authors: Hong Fan, Q.S. Li, Li Hua Xu

Abstract: This paper introduces a new connection-inner and through-type diaphragm, which is recommended by Technical Specification for Structures with...

Authors: Hai Qing Liu, Jing Yuan, Shao Ying Hou, Yang Xue

Abstract: Application of carbon fiber material to reinforced concrete structure is a systems engineering involving materials, design and application,...

Authors: Xiu Li Wang, Xiao Dong Li, Tao Li

Abstract: The anti-seismic behavior of RC frame with buckling restrained braces (BRBs) subjected to severe earthquake action in seismic region was...

Authors: Ming Jie Zhou, Wen Ling Tian, Jing Chuan Xun, Jian Xin Cui, Xiao Yan Zhao, Xiao Wei Wang

Abstract: In this paper, a damaged R.C. frame with special-shaped columns has been strengthened for earthquake resistance. The strengthening method...

Authors: Liang Huang, Xiang Gao, Chu Xian Shi, Sheng Yun Chen

Abstract: The study of this paper focuses on the seismic performance of a new complex tall building-FSRMW...

Authors: Xing Wen Liang, Yue Sheng Tong, Li Xin

Abstract: The performance-based seismic design of structure is in a research and development situation. A method is proposed in this paper to adapt...

Authors: Guo Jing He, Zhong Quan Zou, Yi Qing Ni, Jin Ming Ko

Abstract: Based on the dynamic characteristics analysis results of a precise three-dimensional finite element model, the earthquake responses of the...

Authors: Yun Lei Fan, Yu Rong Guo, Yan Xiao, Xin Jiang Cai

Abstract: Seismic response of a multi-span bridge is investigated in this study using an Internet based testing platform. The platform, NetSLab, was...


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