Advances in Concrete and Structures

Volumes 400-402

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wei Yue, Minehiro Nishiyama

Abstract: This paper presents experimental results of cyclic loading tests carried out on three L-shaped prestressed concrete beam-column corner...

Authors: Jian Guo Cai, Jian Feng, Hong Jin Zhu, Ya Fei Liu, Li Feng Huang

Abstract: An experimental investigation was undertaken into the seismic performance of a precast prestressed concrete frame system. A total of three...

Authors: Fu Jun Liu, Jian Cai

Abstract: Based on the principle of restrained concrete, this paper presents a new-type concrete filled steel tubular column-slab joint. This...

Authors: Liang Huang, Sheng Yun Chen, Chu Xian Shi, Xiang Gao

Abstract: Integrated simple and complete model similarity theory of this structure are set up in this paper. Selection about model reinforced concrete...

Authors: Qian Gu, Cheng Fang Sun, Shao Min Peng

Abstract: Based on 3D strut-and-tie analogy developed for analyzing the load-transferring mechanism of deep pile cap, this paper focuses on the effect...

Authors: Feng Xu, Bo Wang, Hai Long Zhang

Abstract: According to the definition about the positive and negative gradient temperature distribution of structural cross section in the Chinese...

Authors: M.H. Baluch, Isam A. Mahmoud, M. Kalimur Rahman

Abstract: Rapid moisture loss in concrete and the coupled shrinkage strain in concrete elements cause distress in structural members at early ages....

Authors: Ying Ge Wang, Zheng Nong Li, Bo Gong, Qiu Sheng Li

Abstract: Heliostat is the key part of Solar Tower power station, which requires extremely high accuracy in use. But it’s sensitive to gust because of...

Authors: Di Hu, Lai Fa Wang, Ji Ping Guo

Abstract: A set of formulae to calculate short-term behavior of simply supported prestressed concrete box girders under dead load and prestress are...

Authors: Y.H. Chai, Y.T. Chen, H.J. Hung, G.N Rocha

Abstract: Approach slabs are commonly used to provide a smooth transition between the roadway and the highway bridge. Conventional construction of...


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