Advances in Concrete and Structures

Volumes 400-402

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wan Yang Gao, Zhou Dao Lu, Ke Xu Hu

Abstract: External bonding of fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composites has become a popular technique for strengthening reinforced concrete (RC)...

Authors: Lei Xu, Yu Bin Liu

Abstract: In this paper a numerical model for fire resistance analysis of bar-reinforced concrete filled steel columns with square and circular...

Authors: Fa Xing Ding, Zhi Wu Yu, Jin Ping Ou

Abstract: Based on the research achievements of the mechanical properties of concrete at uniaxial compression and steel at uniaxial tension after...

Authors: Jing Si Huo, Guo Wang Huang, Yan Xiao

Abstract: This paper experimentally investigated the effects of axial load level on the residual strength and stiffness of concrete-filled steel...

Authors: Jing Si Huo, Hui Qu

Abstract: A computational model, in which the effects of high temperature on steel and concrete’s properties and the composite action and interfacial...

Authors: J.C. Xiao, J.F. Liu, C. Bai, J.Y. Mao, Ke Jian Ma

Abstract: Impact experiment of a set of steel/RC composite beams was conducted. To consider the influence of local impact residual deformation,...

Authors: Xin Wu Wang, Yan Zhao Li

Abstract: The dynamic displacement ductility and ultimate load-carrying capability of three partially prestressed concrete (PPC) and unbonded beams,...

Authors: Chengqing Wu, C. Wu, William Chen, Deric John Oehlers

Abstract: Currently, there are adequate guidelines available for FRP retrofitting RC structures against static and seismic loads. However, there is...

Authors: Chun Lin Liu, Siew Kheong Phang, Jian Yun Sun

Abstract: Removable Anti-ram bollards used in perimeter protection are tested to meet performance requirements of established standards such as the US...

Authors: Li Xin Zheng, Xiao Xiong Zha, Chen Jie Ma

Abstract: In recent years, many structures subjected to impact load and fire collapse, such as the event of “9.11”, which is the largest tragedy in...


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