Advances in Concrete and Structures

Volumes 400-402

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Bo Xin Wang, Cheng Kui Huang

Abstract: Steel Fiber Reinforced Self-stressing Concrete (SFRSSC) is a new type of fiber reinforced composite material. It has various applications in...

Authors: Bao Zhu Cao, Yao Chun Zhang, Yue Ming Zhao

Abstract: Experimental research on square and octagonal concrete filled thin-walled steel tube long columns of 6 specimens in axial compression and 8...

Authors: Hong Fang Li, Chang Gong, Zhi Fang

Abstract: The purpose of present paper is to study the flexural behaviors of concrete T-beams prestressed with external carbon fiber reinforced...

Authors: Wen Zhong Zheng, Chong Xi Bai, Hui Dong Cheng

Abstract: In order to research behaviors of unbonded prestressed concrete beams reinforced with CFRP tendons, static load experiments on 4 partially...

Authors: Jun He, Yu Qing Liu, Ai Rong Chen

Abstract: The classical Euler-Bernoulli girder theory is not applicable due to shear deformation of corrugated steel web, elastic bending theory...

Authors: Peter Statton, Michael Salu

Abstract: The design and construction of concrete water treatment and storage structures in Australia has catered for the existing markets. The next...

Authors: Jin Jie Men, Qi Zhou, Qing Xuan Shi

Abstract: This paper concentrates on the fragility analysis method for vertically plan reinforced concrete frame structures. The weakness story...

Authors: Wei Xing Shi, Cheng Qing Liu, Xi Lin Lu, Song Zhang, Ying Zhou

Abstract: A shaking table model test is conducted for Guangzhou West Tower to study its seismic behavior in State Key Laboratory for Disaster...

Authors: Xing Wen Liang, Li Xin, Yue Sheng Tong

Abstract: A performance evaluation method of high-rise buildings is presented, by means of capacity spectra method which allows for higher mode...

Authors: Yu Chen, Pu Sheng Shen

Abstract: Based on the finite element software ETABS, the effect of outriggers on the seismic response of a 50-story steel frame-reinforced concrete...


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