Advances in Concrete and Structures

Volumes 400-402

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Lun Hai Zhi, Q.S. Li, Z.N. Li, J.R. Wu

Abstract: This paper presents the field measurement results of wind effects on the world’s tallest reinforced concrete building (CITIC Plaza, 391 m...

Authors: Jin Li Wang, Hai Qing Liu, Xue Qing Wang

Abstract: the soil-structure appeared slipped of roadway under earthquake, using the Coulomb contact surface model and built soil-structure of roadway...

Authors: Jie Su, Zuan Yang, Zhi Fang

Abstract: 81 concrete prism specimens under axial compression were tested to invesgigate the size effect on the axial load stength. Three different...

Authors: Jie Su, Zhi Fang

Abstract: An experimental investigation is reported into the size effect for compressive strength from 36 concrete prism specimens under axial loading...

Authors: An Zhou

Abstract: For continuous composite beams that in normal working stage, due to concrete cracks at negative moment region are restricted by transverse...

Authors: Yan Mei Lv, Wei Jian Yi

Abstract: An energy absorbing stiff test facility has been developed for obtaining stable and controlled shear failure of reinforced concrete beams....

Authors: Wei Jian Yi, Yan Mei Lv

Abstract: 19 RC beams with shear span-to-depth equal to 3 were tested under a stiff testing facility, and complete load-deflection curves including...

Authors: Hock Tian Cheng, S. Mohammed Bashar, Kamal Nasharuddin Mustapha

Abstract: A precast, prestressed concrete girder with circular web openings allows building service systems (mechanical, electrical, communications,...

Authors: Guo Wei Zhang, Yan Xiao, Sashi K. Kunnath

Abstract: During earthquake, the inelastic action in the plastic hinge regions of structures and bridges results in significant reversed deformation...

Authors: Li Xue Jiang, Shi Ju Zheng, Wei Ping Zhang, Xiang Lin Gu

Abstract: Eight weak reinforced concrete beam-column connections and two strong ones subjected to cyclic loads were tested. Effects of the one-way...


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