Sheet Metal 2009

Volumes 410-411

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: W. Chuaiphan, Somrerk Chandra-ambhorn, B. Sornil, Wolfgang Bleck

Abstract: Gas tungsten arc welding was applied to join AISI 304 stainless steel and AISI 1020 carbon steel sheets with three types of consumables –...

Authors: Yu Guo An, Henk Vegter, Louisa Carless

Abstract: Recently, many flexible constitutive equations have been proposed for sheet forming simulations. However, various mechanical tests are...

Authors: Carlo Bruni, Gianluca Buffa, L. d’Apolito, Archimede Forcellese, Livan Fratini

Abstract: Friction Stir Welding (FSW) has been arousing a continuously increasing interest among joining processes since its invention in 1991....

Authors: Jürgen Rosenberger, Bernd Arno Behrens, Sven Hübner, Dietmar Süße, Volker Ulbricht

Abstract: The technology of draw bending represents an alternative to produce flexible load-adapted sheet metal profiles. In addition to the...

Authors: Hanna Wielage, Frank Vollertsen

Abstract: Due to an ongoing trend of function compaction miniaturization gets more and more important in industrial production. Through the growing...

Authors: Sutasn Thipprakmas

Abstract: High-quality stamped parts using cost-effective production technique are increasingly required, especially in parts with complex geometry...

Authors: Giuseppina Ambrogio, Luigino Filice, Archimede Forcellese, G. Leonardo Manco, M. Simoncini

Abstract: The present work is focused on the investigation of the role of temperature and punch speed in warm deep drawing of AZ31 magnesium alloy. To...

Authors: Kathrin Voges-Schwieger, Sven Hübner, Bernd Arno Behrens

Abstract: The nature of phase transformation in metastable austenitic steels due to strain- induced ’-martensite formation is used as new...

Authors: Rosanna Di Lorenzo, Giuseppe Ingarao, Laura Marretta, Fabrizio Micari

Abstract: In sheet metal forming most of the problems are multi objective problems, generally characterized by conflicting objectives. The definition...

Authors: Anu Väisänen, Kari Mäntyjärvi, Jussi A. Karjalainen

Abstract: Utilisation of ultra-high-strength (UHS) steels is rapidly spreading from the automotive industry into many other application areas. It is...


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