Advances in Fracture and Damage Mechanics VIII

Volumes 417-418

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: M. Rajendran, Ingo Schneider, Anuradha Banerjee

Abstract: A new stress-state dependent cohesive zone model for thin walled structures is proposed. The model incorporates the stress-state explicitly...

Authors: Erasmo Viola, Alessandro Marzani

Abstract: This work presents a numerical simulation of the behavior of stress guided waves (GWs) propagating in a multilayer system composed of porous...

Authors: Manabu Enoki, Yozo Fujino, Elisa Sorrivi, S. Takayuki, Erasmo Viola

Abstract: In this study, a new wireless smart sensor for fatigue damage detection of a single steel bar is proposed. A modified stress intensity...

Authors: Guang Ping Zou, Pei Xiu Xia, Xue Dong Zhang

Abstract: Realistic Failure Process Analysis (RFPA3D) was used to simulate the concrete-filled rectangular steel tube columns which are subjected to...

Authors: Koeng Wook Ko, Hyun Soo Kim, Sung In Bae, Eui Seok Kim, Yuan Shin Lee

Abstract: It is not easy to simulate realistic mechanical behaviors of elastically deformable objects with most existing mass-spring systems for their...

Authors: T. Fukudome, Norio Kawagoishi, K. Kariya

Abstract: Ultrasonic and rotating bending fatigue tests were carried out using plain specimens and specimens with a small blind hole for an extruded...

Authors: Michael Wünsche, Andrés Sáez, Felipe García-Sánchez, Chuan Zeng Zhang

Abstract: In this paper, transient dynamic crack analysis in two-dimensional, linear magnetoelectroelastic solids is presented. For this purpose, a...

Authors: G. Rus, Felipe García-Sánchez, Andrés Sáez, R. Gallego

Abstract: Piezoelectric ceramics have recently become one of the most used materials in all kinds of electromechanical systems. However, the presence...

Authors: Jan Klusák, Tomáš Profant, Michal Kotoul

Abstract: Knowledge of the stress distribution is the first and necessary step for the reliable assessment of construction with a geometrical or...

Authors: Guang Ping Zou, Qi Chao Xue, Zhong Liang Chang

Abstract: The stress criterion of multiaxial high cycle fatigue is a type of non-linear equation of high-order. It is used to predict the failure of...


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